Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Off their rockers..

Well, I think they were, the girls spent the afternoon putting on performances and music shows... I videoed 2 of them and was going to add one here but the minute and a half performance is 30+Mb!! So I didn't add it :) was funny, Megan on guitar, Lucy on drums, Elizabeth as backing vocals and Jessica as lead singer... Golf clubs for mics and a toy oven as one of the 3 drums...Lots of jumping around... LOUD but fun.

Scrapped last night. Did this layout of Elizabeth

This page in my Art journal, just playing around and something that took me a while to figure out...

and this page for my This is Me Journal, to journal about your favourite place to eat.

We picked Elizabeth up today and are dropping Megan and Jessica off tomorrow after our busy day packed with paying school fees, swimming and other bits and pieces.

Today we also had a picnic lunch in the back yard. Was just leftovers but the girls enjoyed it :)

Hope your day has a been a smile filled one :)
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  1. Can we say...awesome scrapper??? YES we can!

  2. Heeeeey buddy of mine. You are ONE active blogger! I just wanted to wish you a very nice day. Or evening, in your case. Maybe 'Have a great Thursday' would be most appropriate. ;-)

    Love your recent work!


  3. Those are great LO's, that picnic looks like fun I wish I could sit on green grass right now!

  4. loving your LOs!!! you are my Paint Goddess!!! :)

    a picnic! love picnics... wish we could join you even if it was for leftovers :)

  5. How do you do it, blog everyday with four kids?!! And scrap too. You are an inspiration my girl. Keep it up. Love coming by for a look.

  6. Great stuff! I adore the "Creating" page! Just so happy!


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