Thursday, February 21, 2008

How many sneezes do you do??

When I get a sneeze attack I sneeze and sneeze and sneeze.. Yep just had one ick


Megan came home from school yesterday with the news that she had been elected into the student council for school. She was over the moon and shocked that someone new to the school could get this opportunity after only being there a few days. Was really good to see her happy.

Last night I went to scrap but had no motivation to do a layout so instead I caught up on my This is me journal pages.
This one is for the 'ticket to ride' page. I would just go on holidays, destination wherever!

This one is for the latest challenge, favourtie city

Today I was still lacking the motivation to scrap a layout but after pushing things around I decided to pull out the photo album that came in a Qtea kit and I covered that, with material from another Qtea kit, the quote was also in one of the kits.

Have started putting random photos from 2007 in there. Photos that remind me of things or photos that I love.

Covering this was good mojo because I was surfing some blogs and read about a challenge that Brigitte had set, using her new coffee set as inspiration. So, always up for a good challenge and loving the colours, I created this, about Megan's wonderful news.

Used things from various Qtea kits, the butterflies were flowers (from Marlies) that I snipped the stem and turned them into butterflies and the hearts are cut from the post pack I got from Rebecca. Love using things up ;)

Think that's about it, nice day around home with Elizabeth and Lucy.

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  1. Lots of super fun eye candy! And huge congrats to your dd!

  2. hahaha- I'm a multisneezer too! Love your layouts.

  3. grandma10:04 PM

    congratulations to Megan on her position on the school council.

  4. Love the layout about your daughter's surprise student council win. It's neat that she would go out for student council, being a new student there. She must have a good sense of self-confidence!

  5. fun stuff! well done and congrats on your daughter!
    you must be so proud

  6. bless you!!! : .)

    lacking motivation? no way!!! gorgeous! and you're using those beautiful colors again! I'm gonna need some more detail b/c I love those hearts. you just painted scraps and stapled them on your lo?

    congrats to Megan!

  7. Love the so sweet lo about your dd's student council job!!!! Just the sweetest ever!!

  8. Congrats to Meagan on Student Council! I love what you did the the This Is Me layouts. even without motivation you inspire!

  9. When I sneeze it's never the same, unpredictable would best describe it :) just like me.. lol!!
    So sweet your girl is in student council. I was too in my school days. It was lots of fun!
    Lovin' your work too!

  10. ohhh...i have sneezey fits too!!! i totally dislike having them hehehe :D

    and Loving All Your Awesome Work!!!

    Congrats to Megan! :)

  11. How awesome for your daughter to be elected as her class representative! And I just love the layout!

  12. OH!!! Love the colors!! super cute!

  13. Wow...I'm loving all your fabric and texture. right up my alley. Congrats to your daughter on SC. I remember how exciting that is!!! xo

  14. OMG Sharmaine !!
    I CAN NOT Believe you've done my challenge and sooo quick !! the page is absolutely aweeeesome !! loooove it ! and thank you for participating !!
    your ARt journal is looking fabulous too... you know, everytime i read your blog and see one step more that you've done for your journal i ALWAYS think: must do mine !! hehhe...still ...nothing is done !!
    and well done for Megan !! she must be sooo proud and thrilled !!

  15. ...ooh...sneezing! I love the page!! =) so cute!! And the stamps I use are Hero arts...=) just google em and you'll find a web store!

  16. Beautiful LO - I love the blue and red!!!

  17. Great Layout! I found you thru Brigitte's blog.


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