Friday, February 08, 2008

A kidless long weekend

Yes the kids have gone with Mum and Dad to their shack for the long weekend. So Dave and I are home alone...

I dropped the girls off this morning, after paying school fees and getting some of their school uniform, then I headed to Allison's for a little scrap before heading home.

So what are you up to this weekend???
Dave and I are off to find something to eat and who knows what else :) :)

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  1. LoVinG your layouts!! Have a great weekend!! ;)

  2. aww have fun you two! Love those colors...

  3. What beautiful photos of you too. And your layouts colorful and beautiful as alwayws!

  4. Love your layouts Sharmaine!!!

    Have a great weekend ahead!


  5. Anonymous7:34 PM

    LOve the stitched on heart.
    DH and I WERE going to have a lurrve filled evening sans children but my stepdaughters mother has requested us to have the child tonight because she cant control her and we can. *sigh* I'm quite annoyed.

  6. Enjoy your weekend together I have a big party this weekendso a lot of fun I think. Enjoy!!!!! Mika (

  7. grandma8:07 PM

    have a great weekend

  8. fun layouts!!! cute shots of you and Dave :) what have you been up to eh? *wink*

    have a wonderful weekend!

  9. whoo whee! enjoy your kidless time and try not to miss them too much!!!

    : .)

  10. You make a cute couple! :)
    Hey.. (big drum roll) GUESS what I got in the mail today! Whoohooo! Thanks so much!
    I'll blog about it later, have to run now!


  11. I love your layouts, especially the little pink pipe cleaner. A good question, what are we up to this weekend -- painting my brothers and SIL's kitchen. Someone has to help them be trendy!

  12. Oh I remember these photos from you blog earlier. You created some beautiful LO's with the photos!

    Have a fun weekend!


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