Thursday, February 07, 2008

Milestones, haircuts and other fun stuff

Yesterday, as well as celebrating her birthday, Megan had a swimming lesson in which she did backstroke for the very first time AND went up the deep end even though she was terrified!!! So proud of her and how well she is doing at swimming!! One more private lesson next week and then we can book some classes.

Another milestone... Today Lucy took herself to the toilet 3 YES 3 times!! First time I was on my way to the kitchen to make their lunch when she comes out and tells me "i just did a wee"!! Oh my I was shocked and proud!!! The next time I was coming inside, heard the toilet flush and out she comes with her jeans and undies and asks me to help her put them on because she just went to the toilet and the third time was after Dave got home, we saw her wander off and we sneaked a peek around the corner and sure enough there she was perched on the loo!! I am amazed and sooooo glad!!! This morning she screamed when Dave put her on the toilet, before getting dressed, declaring she couldn't do anything, which proved wrong lol and there she was just off and going all by herself without any prompting from us!! OH MY I LOVE IT WHEN IT ALL COMES TOGETHER LIKE THAT!!!!

Today I created another page in my art journal:

Inspired by the thought of having faith in yourself, just stepping out and doint it. Having faith in others, sometimes a hard one. Having faith in God, sometimes another hard one. But when it all comes to it, we just have to step out, have faith and see what happens.

And I also turned this:

Into this

Covered the outside with some Love, Elise fabric paper, added the sticker and lettering and covered that with dimensional magic.

Painted the inside

Used the other side of a pen and some ink to make circles on the ink.

Added some little journal strips to the photos

and a little note to Megan in the back

This afternoon the girls had their haircut.

And this arrived today

My new monitor!! ALL SHINY and NEW!!! Love it :) It has a web cam and mic and Dave was playing around with some of the camera features....

The girls thought it was lots of fun!!

Dave is at soccer training tonight, that time of the year again!! Lost Series 4 starts tonight so we will watch that together after he gets home. Will leave you with this photo of our Miss Potato Head :)

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  1. Love love love the book you made!! Happy birthday Megan!
    You have such gorgeous girls! They look so cute with their new haircuts!! xx

  2. grandma8:07 PM

    love the photos of the girls AND the new monitor, great effects!!!!

  3. Great mini book!! Love it!
    And the girls really look classy with their new do's.


  4. Wow, you've had an active day! Congrats on all of the milestones.

  5. Wow, beautiful books, and adorable haircuts!

  6. The girls all look so sweet!!! Love those hair cuts!!

    Girl, that mini book is AWESOME!!!

  7. im in love with that mini! so cute :)

  8. Congrats on the potty training. I wish mine did it that easily. Loving the Potato Head shot.

  9. Ohh I love the mini !
    And I love this pic that you used as an avatar ! Too fun !

  10. Hi Sharmaine !! well...well...
    Well done Megan !! yayyy !! it's at the beginning frustrating but when they get the idea of 'toilet''s so much easier !!
    and ..Happy birthday to her yayy !!
    and...wowww this little book of yours is aweeeesome..including the art journal !!


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