Saturday, March 08, 2008

More of our Saturday

Dave pruned the fruit trees and we all helped drag the limbs to his car so he could take a load to the tip. Lucy was singing a little song she made up... One gether Two gether Three gether... so TOGETHER is now one gether, two gether, three gether... slightly cute, no???

Uncle Samuel called in, as promised (Hello Samuel! Oh my goodness I better behave now knowing he reads my blog!), and Lucy didn't want to know him, awww poor Samuel!! So after some coaxing she received her present.

After that she was happy and by the time Samuel left she was giving him hugs again!!

speaking of Lucy she liked the page I created for her...

And I completed another on the flip side, about her birthday.

And finally the gorgeous Edleen awarded me with this

a lovely 'you make my day' award. When I get things like this I try to look them up on google to see if I can find where they originated from. This one I have had no luck so if anyone else knows please share :) I pass on the award to Marlies, Linda and Annie :)

So that is pretty much it for now!
Thanks for visiting :0)

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  1. Aw thank you, that's SO sweet! And it's mutual!

    hugs, Marlies

  2. You're soooo sweet!!! DITTO!!!

    Merci Beaucoup!!!


    - Linda

  3. cute pages! where did you get those page protectors?!

  4. Looks like you spent your day very much like we spent ours - cleaning up the year and lots of pruning - things have gone wild here since all the rain. Page looks great too.

  5. Heyyy beautiful Sharmaine !!
    Looove what you've done for Lucy page and oh myyyy that little cute face of her is adoooorable !! :)

  6. Oh I love these pages you made with the little squares !

  7. Anonymous2:12 PM

    Hi mummy i'm here on the coputer with trey that is woching me.
    LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Bye bye
    from megan


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