Saturday, March 08, 2008

What do these 3 have in common??

Ali Edwards, my pal Allison and little Lucy???

hmmm you'll have to read on and find out!!!
Rolling back the clock to yesterday first...
Yesterday was a slightly hectic day with this

Elizabeth wearing bathers from the dress ups, topped with a hat from the same dress up box, covered in blankets and eating cake!!

Allison came over and arrived in time for lunch.
Then my Mum turned up with her Aunt (my Great Aunt) and they also had lunch.
They left in time for us to go get Megan and Jessica from school.
Allison stayed for tea and then a scrap, which was fun :)
Caught up on my This is Me Journal, with this page about weddings

This is a photo of my journal to date :)

Then I scrapped my page for the challenge over at Scrap Mojo. You have to use the quote "Oh the places you'll go" and a picture from the Dr Seuss Books. Lovely Allison brought 3 books with her (she's having a garage sale tomorrow and these were 3 that she didn't think would sell). I used the Fox in Socks book to create this.

Very inspired by Ali Edwards 'Life Artist' book and the pages she had using the 'pocket' plastic sleeves. Saw these Embroidery floss holders at the craft shop the other day and bought a packet. Loved using them and love the page!!

Also inspired by the layout she has in the book, on page 63, that I scraplifted the page. Scraplifting isn't something I find easy to do so it was a huge challenge and I struggled, even though the page was easy and my layout simple!!

So thank you Ali Edwards for the inspiration and the challenge!!

I think I convinced Allison to enter the Mojo challenge too, her layout is very cool and I am looking forward to seeing her enter HINT HINT ALLISON, but I'm not giving any peer pressure at all because I know what happens when I apply pressure..

Today Dave's pruning the fruit trees, Uncle Samuel is coming with Lucy's birthday present, egg and bacon pie is in the oven cooking for lunch and the girls are playing... Earlier they had a restaurant, will leave you with the photos of them enjoying the little role play.

Welcoming them to the restaurant is Chef Megan

Don't you just love their fancy attire!!

Don't really know what was on the menu but they had fun!

Thanks for visiting :)

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  1. Anonymous11:21 AM

    rotflol.....the photo of me is well.....funny and somewhat embarrassing maybe! as you know I love love love the layouts and Chef Megan looks like she is keeping everyone well fed ;)

  2. your Girls are soooo cute!!!

    lovely lovely layouts Sharmaine :)
    Enjoy the weekend!

  3. the girls looked like they had so much fun, i loved playing with my 4 sisters like that when we were younger. Love the layouts, so so cute.

  4. Hey you!

    How are you stranger?? It sounds like you've had a great day, and can you please book me into that restaurant for next time I'm down....I think I would like something prepared by Chef Megan!


  5. Anonymous6:47 PM

    Good on you for giving Ali's challenges a go - I absolutely love that book. Say hi to Allison for me too :)

    Take care,

  6. Its a great friend that will be photographed in the goofy-est state! You better hang onto her!!!

    Who will take my order next time you have bacon and egg pie! (Betcha you didn't know that I LOVE BACON!) Yum!

    Your girls, adorable as ever!!!


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