Saturday, March 15, 2008

Spring in the air??

hmmm and I thought it was Autumn here!

This morning, 8am, I was at the hairdressers to give my hair a spring clean... It's been over 6 months since I had a haircut, story of my hair life lol.
Had a cut, a colour and some foils. Got home and Dave said it looks the same... Oh well, feels lighter ;)

Close up so you can see the colour. Isn't much different from the shade I am naturally but now I have more red highlights. Still no greys to colour but I just wanted to do something with the mop that is my hair :)

Funny how my blue eyes look green in some of the photos...

When I got home (a couple of hours later!) Dave had been cleaning around the house so the rest of the day was spent doing more of that!! Dave changed Jessica's room over so now she is in Elizabeth/Lucy's and they are in her old one. Will see how that goes!! Dave thought it might give the little ones a bit more space but in the end it hasn't!! We also went through Megan and Jessica's clothes and I now have 2 garbage bags full of clothes to take to the op shop.

Was a lovely day here today, which was good as there was a clothes line of washing/sheets. Meant to be hot again tomorrow ick!!
Hope your weekend is going well and thanks for visiting :)
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  1. Anonymous8:09 PM

    Love the new Do!! and yes I can tell the difference lol.....

  2. LOVE your new haircut, it really suits you.

  3. Hi you!
    Looking' good! Love that warm shade and the round curves. Too bad Dave couldn't tell the difference but hey, coming from a guy, that's probably a compliment. ;-)

  4. looks fine to me!

  5. LOVEEE the new haircut....looks so so cute!

  6. LOVEEE the new haircut....looks so so cute!

  7. I always feel so good after a cut and style too! =) Yours looks great, hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

  8. Hey Chick! It looks great.
    Its been extra warm here to at the rock.
    Umm I have tagged you on my blog if you are interested. =D

  9. Lovely! Really suits you!

  10. never ask you hubs about your hair... at i don't :)
    looks great!

  11. Love the new do!!!

  12. Anonymous7:58 AM

    For the record, I said you couldnt really tell the colour had changed...
    Of course I could tell it was cut..
    For crying out loud, anyone would think I was a completetely ignorant self obsessed twerp!!!

    That may be true, but not in this case...

    Im only writing this cos I know the post is a few days old and noone is going to read it!!

    Love you

  13. hehe -- I go months and months without a haircut, too! Your 'do looks great!


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