Friday, March 14, 2008

A little running around

just a little ;)

Today was Megan's running carnival for school. So I took Elizabeth, Lucy, some packed lunch, a picnic rug and some sunblock and we went watch!!

It was really hot and windy today but thankfully everyone got to sit in the shade so it was more windy than hot!! The running carnival was for the Grade 3+ (Jessica will get her turn later in the year) and Megan was in every race for her age group. She did really well with a 3rd in the 100m and 2nd in the 100x8 relay.

Last night, while Dave was at soccer, I scrapped. The lovely Lusi had mentioned, on her blog, that she was also scrapping so I thought I would scrap a little Lusi inspired page. Just did a quick and simple page, because I was tired. I used photos that were over a year old so I was happy to get them scrapped and remove another layout from my brain!!!

The talent that is Janine tagged me with the 7 random facts tag sooooo with out further ado...

1. I don't mind doing the laundry but I hate laundry
2. I don't mind peeling potatoes but hate beans
3. I don't mind eating bacon but loathe pork
4. I don't mind eating vanilla slice but detest custard
5. I don't mind getting flowers but better make them real (love ya Dave... long story about that one!!)
6. I don't mind watching movies but chances are I won't remember I have watched it till about 10 minutes in!!
7. I don't mind these random fact tags but hope you don't mind reading all about my weird randomness!!

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  1. awesome page and look at that cool pic of your baby girl running her awesome!

    Have an awesome weekend girl!

  2. Anonymous5:44 AM

    Great photo...sounds like it was fun!


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