Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I got chills

and their multiplying......

Ok now I have that song out of my head... nope it's still there...

Anyway getting out of my head and back to my blog...

Last night, seeing as there wasn't anything on telly for awhile, I scrapped my Scrap Mojo challenge page. You had to use one of the song titles from the movie Juno as your title and be inspired by one of the links they had on the mojo blog about Juno. So this is what I created :)

"On this subject of sleep, I think I need to talk awhile with you. When you were born you spent your first week in intensive care, under the glare of hospital lights. When we finally took you home you found it difficult to adjust to the night & day thing. To get you to sleep I would hold you, rock you and sing to you. As you got a little bigger I would put you in our bed & lay with you so you could sleep, I would have to hold your arms and face away from you though. When you were 18 months you decided sleep was not for you and I would get screamed at when I would put you to bed, was horrible. It wasn't till you were about 3 that you would stay in bed at night and we didn't have to sit outside your door. From about 5 you would say you didn't sleep and even now, at 9, you have a terrible time staying in bed long enough to go straight to sleep. I hope, one day, you find a way to relax and see how wonderful it is to... sleep."
Those that know Megan well know about the ummm issues we have with sleep lol
Speaking of sleep my two little at home girls had a sleep for me today. I just had to snap a photo just to remind myself that it does happen sometimes!!!

I don't think Elizabeth was truly asleep as she came out a few minutes after me and she didn't have that slept look lol
I also made this today, is for the first challenge over at Scrapstars. The challenge is to scrap the music of your life and include an album cover. So I snaffled up the Sanity catalogue, ripped out some album piccys and glued them on the cover.

The album is actually 6 pages and all of them with writing, hence only one photo and not all of them!! I won't rewrite the journaling as it is long, Dave read it and said "I didn't realise that I was going to read an essay". But the basics of it is that there are songs that have had the weird timing of being on the radio or in shops etc when life impacting things have happened. I talk about how I love all types of music.
I had fun with my hole punch, as you can see lol. Love that each page has holes in different spots and you can see through a little.
On the challenge front, there is a new one starting up called Aussie Scrap Music Blog. Looking forward to see what they have to offer as I think it's a brilliant idea!!!
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  1. Hey have you ever tried a white noise maker for Megan? Cancels out the sounds from outside but makes quiet soothing noises in her room (waves forests etc) and can be set on a timer to go off when she sleeps. (dunno how available they are in Aus but here there is one in most shops like BigW/Target etc)anyways just an idea.
    Hope ya have a good day *hugs* Bek

  2. Sharmaine, i miss coming here :) always enjoy looking at your pages and your work is always inspiring :)

    wishing you a wonderful week ahead!

  3. Your Juno inspired page is fantastic! I can definitely see the inspiration translated. :)

  4. Oh Sharmaine, I feel for you on the sleep thing with Megan. My Son was so like that. I remember one time he asked me, 'Mom, how do you do that? How do you close your eyes and just fall asleep?' It broke my heart. He is now 23, he works nights, still has a little trouble falling off to sleep, but sleeps more soundly once he does. You want to the know the funny thing?
    He is a sleep lab technician. LOL

  5. wow- the layout is amazing and so is the music book. gorgeous!

  6. Hey Miss Sharmaine !!
    Love that LO and the meaningful story behind it !!
    and...mini ?? sooo cool !!

  7. really love the colors in that layout!!!!
    i have missed reading your blog...been away for a couple weeks and just now catching up!!

  8. Anonymous11:24 PM

    LOVE that movie Juno! How difficult that is for you as a mommy to have that many years trying to get a child to sleep! Our oldest was that way. and now my youngest {not to the extent of yours} My youngest turned 9 yesturday and I always tell him he needs to lay in bed and he reads his comic books that helps to relax him.

  9. sharmaine i love the colors & those letters on your sleep l/o...your sweet daughter is obviously so precious to you...love that you share your love & care for her so openly...you are such an inspiration

    & the colors & those holes on your music journal are SO cool!! love that look!

    hope you have a happy happy weekend!!


  10. dearest Sharmaine
    Just read your blog page and it made me cry!!!! love it....didnt realize how much i missed yout till i caught up on all your snippets.
    Am in Thailand and Barb showed me your blog so have been reading up..need to go and get ready now so will keep in touch via your blog.
    Sending lots of love hugs and kisses

  11. oops forgot to leave my name..its me siska
    Luv ya


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