Saturday, April 26, 2008

Lucy loves custard!

She truly does!!!
The other day she, out of the blue, asked me how you make custard. Since then she has asked and asked about custard and when Dave asked her what she wanted for pudding, it was custard. Well tonight she got her wish, she helped Daddy and they made custard to have with the apple pie Dave made!!

Been a busy few days, Elizabeth had her 4 year old immunisation on Thursday. I just hadn't made an appointment till now and seeing as she is 5 next week I thought I better get on to it!! It turns out our GP had moved, the practice had split with Dr's going to 2 surgeries. I tried to get in to the one that was closer to us but their books were full. So we now have to travel 15-20 minutes to our GP. I think they closed, the practice we used to go to, about 6 months ago, shows how often we have had to go to the doctor!!

As a treat Lucy, Elizabeth and I went to McDonald's for lunch, is right next door to the Dr, and then we went in to town. Dave met us in there so he could carry our new printer! So yep I now have a printer again and was going to make full use of it last night but had no paper, rectified that today ;)

Friday was ANZAC day here in Australia. Remembering the wonderful people who have fought for our country. This year Megan didn't want to go in the march, as apart of her Guide group, so it was a nice day at home.

Today Megan had soccer, Dave did too but because he was coaching Megan's team he decided to forgo his game again. She played well but I think she found it harder than last week but she has a cold so that wouldn't help!!

Over the last couple of days I have created:

I used the ladybug stamp from Lusi Austin's You Rock My World stamp pack, that I recently purchased from Funk Stree Designs. I also got the It's a Date pack which I used om this altered kids board book I made.

Inspired by the latest One Little Word challenge, the word grow, I created these, they are different sizes, the smaller is for the wall near the scrap table.

The amazingly talented Lisa has awarded me an Arte Y Pico award

So I have to pass it on to 5 bloggers who creatively inspire me, so my list

1. Danielle Quarmby I love the amazing kits she puts together at Q-tea and her wonderful creations

2. Bek Vavic she inspires the teacher in me, to want to share what I do with others, one day I hope to do this.

3. Janine Kaye, just visiting her blog makes me want to scrap! I am thankful for the friend I have found through scrapping.

4. Kim Archer makes me want to be more creative. One day I hope to take one of her amazing online classes!!

5. Lusi Austin another friend who I am thankful to have met through scrapbooking. Her work amazes and inspired me.

I love it when blogging and, more so, scrapbooking becomes more than just paper and glue. When it becomes about people forging friendships and I love that each of these 5 woman have inspired me in so many ways and that there are so many like minded people who also inspire me to be better at what I do and to keep on creating and leaving a little of myself as I go. So my list of 5 is just a small representation of those that inspire me.

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  1. Sharmaine... you will teach, you **DO** teach :)
    {hugs} and love

  2. You made my heart smile that I inspire you BTW!

  3. janinekaye11:00 PM

    oh..thank you. i am so grateful that we found each other. this is an amazing craft for its ability to form connections and create friendships..i am truly honoured that you chose me..thank you! you inspire me more than i could ever are an are so generous with your spirit and i am so glad i know you.

  4. love your mini book and one little word art pieces just amazing :)

  5. Love the Grow lo!!! Mika (

  6. hmmm... i don't think i've ever tried custard... but i looks yummy :) great post :)

  7. Hi Sharmaine!!!!!!! I linked to your Blog 'cos Janine Kaye suggested a visit, & when I saw your face, I was soooooooo happy! Happy to be able to re-connect! We met at the Scrapilicious Retreat in Oct '06. You welcomed me as soon as we met in our Bunk-house, & sat me at your table with your friends. I was a little out of my depth, but you made me feel very comfortable. I think of you from time to time (& your 4 gorgeous girls that you missed sooooo much!), & here you are! Now I can find out how you all are all doing! (daily!!!!). Thanks Janine! MargS

  8. Hi Sharmaine
    Thanks for passing on the info on Lusi's stamps. They are so adorable.
    I will definitely hope over to see about purchasing some.

    Thanks for all the inspiration.


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