Monday, July 07, 2008

1 down...

and 2 too go... well 3 for the girls... then Dave will be home again :)

So my day... where do I start??

Was reading on Jill's blog about taken an everyday photo, of something that is everyday that you would take for granted but has significance to you. Love this and had no problems finding something that filled the criteria

Why this?? well it means I have someone home at lunchtime! It means I still have a kidlet at home and not at school full time and I love that, LOVE IT, going to miss it when they are all at school all day :( I think I might have to use this photo on a layout...!

I finally got around to creating my One Little Word page, word being Now. I was prompted by the song "Love Enough" from Hillsong. In it there is a line "this day is what we have now", so I made this

See the epoxy stickers? I used the clear ones and put them on pattern paper and cut around the sticker. Christina made some magnets and I was inspired to use the same concept with the stickers.

I also made some for this page in my Me Today album. I ummed and ahhhed about sharing this page, but it has been 3 months since I even wrote in the journal and it is just my thoughts being spewed onto the page, its about a few things but its my thoughts, so here goes :)

and here are 2 more pages from my Snap Happy today album

I also made this page about today, was one of those 'oh my heart' moments

Also today we found this

It was dead and slightly squashed
Elizabeth and Lucy picked it up and patted it, Elizabeth saying oh poor creature. lol

Then she took it to give it a home.

wasn't till now that I saw, in the photo, that there is actually half of another one in amongst the leaves! Must be a few of them in the garden.

Also took this photo, the girls have been using the chalk to 'paint' rocks. Like this photo!

This post is my 799th so my next post will be my 800th and I think it will have be RAK time.

Oh and did you know that it is 80 years since the first loaf of white bread went on sale to the public? Love trivia lol

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  1. Oh, my gosh I know how you feel about having a little one at home. My 5 year old is starting kindergarten this fall and then I won't have any more little ones at home! All three will be officially in school full time! It's a happy feeling but at the same time it's a sad feeling. I think you should scrap about the peanut butter, definitely! Have a nice day.

  2. Oh much goodness. Love the daily photo and the significance of it. I'm not a Mum yet, so I may be calling on you for lots of guidance. I just love the love you have for your little squirts. And your OLW so wonderful!!

    And I almost cried but didn't, I love your journaling in your book. It sounds like I could have written it. Thank you for sharing that. Helps me process things in myself. ;)


  3. Wow! 800 posts? That's a lot of blogging! LOL
    My li'l one will be starting school full time in September too!


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