Tuesday, July 08, 2008

It's been an emotional roller coaster day but here it is...

my 800th post!!!! Taaa daaaaa :)

What a day it has been!!! I thought I was going ok, coping with Dave being away, till I spoke with him this morning and then I just lost it. Then Lucy and I went to visit my Great Aunt (Mums Aunt) who is in hospital. She is 95, has no kids and is the last of her siblings. It was just sad to see her feeling so vulnerable and upset. I was fine till Lucy and I got outside and that was it, I just wept. Wept for her being so lonely, wept for her loss of independence (she is one of the most independent people I know), wept for her missing her husband (an amazing man) and her brothers and sister and wept purely for the fact that she has no one who can tell her story. She has no one who knows what her thoughts have been, no one who can say what she stood for, no one who can retell her memories the way she wants them remembered and that makes me sad. So to take my mind off all of this Lucy and I went for a caramel latte and babycino. It helped but what also helped was making this layout. It's for the 'just posted' challenge at Inspired by Amelie, you have to use a torn photo (the amount of tearing is up to you) and have red on the page somewhere. So I got all my blerk out of my head and on to paper...

Journaling reads "Gosh it tears me up that people spend their lives on things like anger, hurt and hate. Life is so precious and shouldn't be wasted on such things. Fill your life with things of worth. Because it is those things that matter! I want to live a worthwhile life."

I am so thankful that I am able to tell my story and that I have people who will be able to remember my memories because I have someone to share it with. So very thankful that I am loved and have people to love. Am thankful of this everyday!!!

Ok so off the heavy and on to the lighter! Told you it's been a roller coaster day, have to share this, this made me HAPPY!!!

Elizabeth was writing on the shower window as she had her shower tonight, made me glow from the inside to see this little chicky writing! I am so proud of the hurdles she is JUMPING and the things that she is learning. With Megan and Jessica they both were writing before they started kindergarten, Elizabeth started the year having a hard time holding a pencil and unable to form any letters at all. Her motor skills are slowly coming on and it made my heart grow to see her writing words... not just letters but real words... she doesn't know many yet but seeing her confident in the few she wrote made me smile

So there you go folks that is my day, one more sleep and Davie Babes will be home and for that I am thankful too! So how about the RAK I promised for my 800th post?! Well leave a comment and your in the draw. You have from now till 24 hours time to leave a comment and then I will put all the names into a hat and put together a 'happy' prize for the winner. Oh and there will be Tim Tams in the prize if your an international winner :)

Will leave you with, not the sunrise as it was overcast this morning, but the sun going down over the hill, the sun setting on another day.

Edit to add: PS Jessica lost her third tooth today, she twisted it out at school...HMMMM
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  1. Anonymous9:04 PM

    Congratulations on your 800th milestone :) Very sad about your great Aunt, at least you are there for her Sharmaine.

    Take care always,

  2. hurrayyyyyyy Sharmaine!
    Congrats on the 800th post sweetie, I love reading your blog!
    Lee :)

  3. Wow- what a day! Love the LO & especially the journalling. Congrats on your 800th post.

  4. WOW congrats on the posts!And youre quick with the challenge!Love it,love how you get your feeling on to paper!


  5. Congrats for 800 posts.
    Sorry for your aunt but glad that you can be inspired to create such a fabulous layout.
    It is so cool to see a writer emerging no matter the age - it's like a butterfly coming out if it's coccoon! Fabulous!

  6. Hey grats on the 800th post and thanks for letting us all read about whats going on with you so regularly!

  7. congrats on the 800th post! yowza!

    and ditto on the {{{hugs}}} for you!!!

    I did a lift of your coasters, hope to get them posted tonite! love what you do with paint!!!

    did I hear TimTams?! yum!!!

  8. Congrats on 800! Whenever a kid accomplishes something for the first time it makes my heart go pitter pat as well. Keep working with her and you will continue to see change.

  9. Anonymous1:30 AM

    Congrats on your 800th milestone and I love your Inspired by Amélie lo!XOXO

  10. congrats on your 800th post!
    That layout is beautiful and so is the pic of your daughter writing in the steam. you NEED to scrap that....
    as usual, your sunset/sunrise pic is stunning!

  11. Congratulations! And thanks for that story of your great Aunt, because it makes me think of how many people out there are feeling like her. And it reminds me that I have to be thankful for everything! You have a great heart Shermaine! Oh yeah, and that layout is awesome. I love it. God bless you and your family!

  12. Man, you are on fire at the mo! Stunning work and congrats on you 800th - wooohooo!
    (love your photo btw!)

  13. Congratulations on 800 posts. I have only just started reading your blog so I guess I have a lot to read. Your layout is gorgeous - you are so talented. Thanks for sharing. Lyn

  14. That is a great page and those are great pics! Congrats on the 800 posts! Im sorry for great aunt :( big hug!

  15. wow!
    to the blog entry.
    to your 800th milestone.
    to the LO

    you should load them up in Val's online store member gallery ... you have a distinct style of your own. i wished i had that. i am a bit of everything! :)

  16. Congrats on the 800th blog!!! What a day!! Amazing how you got your emotions out on the LO, very powerful! You made it through the day. Hope the roller coaster ride is a little less up and down right now!


  17. vivian2:48 PM

    love your page here sharmaine.. thank you for being so raw and real.. inspiring.


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