Sunday, July 27, 2008

Aliens have abducted my family...

Seems the afternoon was made up of these strange people making strange faces in strange places

This jolly girl found refuge in the hallway with pen and paper

This soul got crafty with glue and paper

This handsome devil took flight to the bedroom to get melodic with on his guitar

this shmuzzy

and this rabbit

got together to become this odd looking couple

Tiger Megan, she made this at school,

The girls making a pancake out of Dave

Who then went and made dumplings for our dessert :)

I also made a start on a new layout for Project Scrap-Away. Had to wait for some things to dry, and will work on it again tomorrow, so made this layout for the Mojo Challenge, which was to ask someone what they would do if they had a million dollars and to use pen or a pin (I used both :) )

So that's me and my lot for another weekend. Dave is away Wednesday-Friday this week so it's going to be a busy week. Thanks for stopping by and again thanks to those who have been showing their support in my Project Scrap-Away journey, you can read more on that here :)

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  1. lol about the eating comment! i'm sure that stage will be coming very soon! ha.

    did i ever tell how much i love your blog? your family is so beautiful! and i love all those cute and funny faces!

    i am still supporting you. and will keep on doing so. because you deserve to win! you will!

    love x

  2. Sharmaine...thanks sooooo much for the comment on my blog!!! :):):):) I was just thinking about U the other day....I miss seeing U around....and I sooooooooooo miss seeing your work!! :):):):) Hope all is well with U! :):):):):)

    Julie :):):)

  3. grandma11:58 AM

    thanks for sharing all the photos, love them all. I am voting for you too!

  4. 'aliens abducted your family' ?? crack me up Sharmaine !! and the fotos are awesome !!!!

  5. Wow you have a lot of lovelies to share. I love your scrap mojo challenge lo. That title is great. Love that it is painted. Thanks for playing. And thanks for stopping by my blog. :D

    Scrap Mojo

  6. Whoa!!! I love all these pictures!!! Looks like a good day!!

  7. Love all the photos in this post!! And especially LOVE the mojo layout!! The title work is fab...always look forward to seeing your spin on our challenges!!
    Thanks for always joining in and playing with us!
    Melissa - ScrapMojo


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