Sunday, July 27, 2008

Blog for Immunity

Would love your support as I blog for Immunity in Project Scrap-Away.

Round 10 has just started and if you can help me in this journey.
1. You can leave your support on this post
2. You could blog about me and my adventure and linking back t0 Scrap-n-Crop's Project Scrap-Away (the url is ) and them leave a comment on the Project Scrap-Away blog, in the post here about immunity, linking back to your blog and saying your Sharmaine's friend. This will earn me 2 points in the immunity twist.
3. Vote for me in the side bar at Project Scrap-Away S Kruijver= ME :) and while your over there check out the mind puzzles, its ongoing and you never know you might win something! There are other cool things going on over there so why not go visit and even check out the entries for the past challenges :)
Thanks for reading and thanks for being a part of my journey :)
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  1. well, well, well! I knew you were awesome!!! (rhiann even wrote a poem about you, how cool is that?!) I have a Q that has probably been asked b/4...are we supposed to vote and blog abt you each time you put out a call or just once, cause I did it already, but I'll do it again!!! : .) thanks for sharing the morning photos, when I walk out of my apt in the morning and look east at the sunrise, I always think of you!!!

  2. i will be sure to visit! good luck!

  3. i can't write much...but i voted...good luck lovely!


  4. all the best for the next challenge sharmaine! :)

  5. Hey Phin, I am guessing once... Haven't heard, but noticed others are doing it more than once... It's up to you I guess and I don't mind if you do or don't... I'm just thrilled to have wonderful people there beside me, either blogging, commenting or just being there.... I'm just doing this each time as asked :)
    Glad your thinking of me Phin and its in the sunshine and not a dark alley lol
    Hi Aimee and Miss Kimmy :) Hugs to you both and thanks for being there :) Appreicate your support!
    Feli, you are a true champion and Mel... THANKS :) I heard you sing it lol

  6. Good luck on round 10!

  7. Good luck will go and I will go and check it out :)

  8. Great question, Phin! Off to vote for Sharmaine!

  9. Good luck on round 10!


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