Wednesday, July 09, 2008

When it's raining you go inside...

no it didn't rain today, although the day started out like this

actually it started long before that. So yes when it rains it pours... and this morning at 5.45am Elizabeth was visited by Mr Hurley. A lovely vomit on her bedroom floor. I won't go into details but I now know that when she ate the grapes at lunchtime the day before, she didn't chew them... ok enough detail!!!

So the poor tyke didn't go to Kindergarten today but spent the day on the couch under a blanket with the telly on. She did spend sometime in the sun, while it was out, and this is how she spent it...

Lucy was her normal self...

They both went straight to sleep tonight, the other 2 didn't take that long either, so I'm hoping Mr Hurley doesn't come back for awhile!

Dave is on the plane back home. He rang just a little while ago, from his stopover in Melbourne. Not long till he is home.

Today the Project Scrap-Away challenge #7 was judged, I made it through to the next round, phew!! The challenge for #7 was to scrap a layout about a tragedy, so here is my page

Journaling “It’s a story that I have been waiting to tell, a story I need to tell, so please listen as I share… I always knew, as you grew inside me, that something wasn’t quite right. Just like I knew in my heart that you were going to be a girl, I knew that you were growing in a place that was keeping you safe. We, Dave and I, had talked about possibilities and what ifs, so when you were born, and we entered the world of EB, it was no huge shock and we took it in our stride. Sure we cried and there were days where it was a struggle but we knew you were a blessing and that loving you meant living with EB. I had to learn all I could about this disorder and I had to talk to others about it, still do! So why did I need to tell you this? Because one day you might have kids of your own, I hope you do, and one day you might have a child of your own, a child that needs that little more lovin’, loving that comes from a place in your heart that you didn’t know was there. So I write this in hope that you realize you have the strength and the love to get through these challenges, that there are people around you who will support you through the hard stuff and above all that, that you are loved VERY much and always have been!”

If you want to see all the entries for this round you can see them here.

I also scrapped this one but used the above as my entry.

Today I made the most of the not-running-around time and made my Scrap Mojo page. The challenge was to use lyrics from a song of your choice by the band 'The Ditty Bops' and doodling.
So I chose the song 'Wake Up' and created this :)

Watching Spicks and Specks last week there was a lady who had a green and brown top on, I loved the colour combo so have been wanting to give it a go on a page, viola!!
Ok now I have to thank the wonderful people that have stopped and left a comment on my 800th post. Thank you to all the visitors that my lil' ol' blog has had and thank you if you have ever left a comment. I am grateful to you all and the RAK winner for my 800th post is Diane! If you can email me your address details I will get a super dooper happy RAK flying through the postal system to you.
And finally one more little thing, I wrote an article about my Snap Happy Today album and its up over at Aussie Scrapbooking :)
Feel like there was something else I was going to share but can't think what now so that's all folks ;)
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  1. I really love your LO. Simple and compelling. Despite being more of a photographer than a scrapbooker, I'll never think of taking such a lovely, simple photo that speaks volume.

    Great work!

    P/S: don't know where you find the time to blog, scrap and survive the day! LOL

  2. lovely lovely layouts Sharmaine!
    hope Dave comes home safe and that Mr Hurley will stay away.

    take care!

  3. Congrats on making it thru to the next round!! Wow - that is one powerful page - nearly brought me to tears!!
    Good luck in round #8!!

  4. OMG those LOs are so wonderful!! The journaling is priceless and so heartfelt. I hope hubby got home safe and sound and that Mur Hurley stays away!!

  5. Sharmaine - hope there have been no more visits by Mr. Hurley - just wanted to say thought that I love your work always find it so inspiring - loved your entry for the comp too - love the journalling, loved it all.

  6. Wow you've been a busy bee scrapper! I love how you painted on the photo and made her look like a tree. Very cool design! I always love seeing your take on our challenges.

    Scrap Mojo

  7. Oh, Sharmaine! What beautiful, heartfelt LOs!

    Love them completely.

  8. I love how very out of the box your layouts are. this is no exception. fabulous design and a lovely page as well

  9. Love the layouts as always!!! THanks for always playing along with us! Ditto what Michelle said! Always enjoy seeing your take on them!



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