Tuesday, July 15, 2008

For a friend

I am sending sunshine

and for another I am sending proof that I did create today, wasn't much but it was something hehe

A new page in my Me today journal... haven't had time to scratch myself but I took a few minutes to play with some new paints I got yesterday in the mail, yippee
Thanks to everyone who has shown their support for me in the blog for immunity, the entries for round 8 close tonight so those getting through will be announced tomorrow and I can show you my creation then with news... one way or another lol Glad your having fun along side me :)
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  1. what a lovely vision!!!

    I love those beados! I gotta find that, I wonder if they sell them in the states? maybe in the Aussie store...I could get TIM TAMS too!!!


    thanks for visiting my blog, Sharmaine and the nice comments. I appreciate it! : .)

  2. Oh, I love that sunshine...warms my heart. Can't wait to hear what happens with the immunity. I love your art journal, ah, makes me want to do something creative as well!

  3. Totally love your sunshine! I also love that you took the time to create! I need to take some time for myself and just create as the spirit moves me. :)

  4. sending you positive vibes.....
    i hope you make it!!!

  5. so inspiring sharmaine!!
    sending lots of good vibes your way. miss you lots!



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