Monday, July 14, 2008

Madness on Monday...

well not quite madness.. more like never sit mondays lol

Today we dropped the girls off at school and then Lucy and I came home for an hour to tackle to usual Monday washing, Monday's are 'wash day' with the towels etc being washed on Mondays anyway enough of that... Then we went in to see my Great Aunt again. She is doing ok, definitely a lot of fight left in her and we will go back in and see her tomorrow. Left there to get Elizabeth from school and then home for lunch and then back to school to get Megan and Jessica before Dave got home to take Jessica to swimming... phew that was the day :) So now some photos of the bits when I wasn't too busy I couldn't take photos...

The day that started all foggy like this

Jessica's beados creation was put in the frame today

Oh and these are the shoes Dave got for Jessica while he was in Brisbane, I looove them and she has busted one of the straps already but they are still pretty cool shoes, no??!!

While Dave and Jessica were at swimming big sis Megan

played hospitals with patient Lucy

and patient Elizabeth

Also have to share with you this, SwapDex its a cool blog all about swaps. Cool Mel is hosting a kiddy craft swap and mentioned this blog on her's, so I nicked it from her cos I think it is rather fabby. It has info of all kinds of swaps that are happening so it is worth a look and bloglining for future reads!!

Speaking of fabby blogs, I was touched to find that the talented Viv had awarded me a blog award

Thank you Viv!!! I pass it on to these bloggers (I've only got 4 cos I did the other one yesterday)
1. Mel, because she always has amazing crafty posts that are inspiring
2. Ruby, because she is the newest blog for me to read. Amazing art journal pages
3. Rhi, because the video she added today is amazing, inspiring and beautiful GO SEE!!
4. Beverley, because she is having a birthday soon ;)
and speaking of Beverley have you joined in the fun for Beverley's 40 day celebration?? Love to see you play along :)
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  1. i am so honoured :)
    thankyou ♥♥♥♥

  2. hey sweetie!! i e-mailed you 2x this morning but one of them got returned (it was a reply to your typepad comment)...i'm hoping the other one got through, it included a note from kelly to jessica. oooh i'm keeping my fingers crossed!!

    & oooh what a lovely butterfly creation jessica has done!!! gorgeous :)

    amazing photos as always my dear :)



  3. That foggy day photo still looks gorgeous!

  4. Yep...I know those Manic Mondays!

    Hope things calm down for you, great pictures and i just love your daughters new shoes...too cute!

  5. Aww wow!!
    Thankyou so much!!
    Fog is so beautiful :) I love it! That beados creation is so RAD!! and those shoes are too cute!

  6. Wow, what a busy day! Love the picture of the fog :)

  7. Thanks so much for the shoutout to the SwapDex! It warms my heart to know people are getting good use out of it!


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