Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Just a quick post

as we just got home and have to leave in a little bit to get the girls from school and then Megan has guides tonight so I have the grocery shopping to do while she is there. Been a busy day, in to see my Great Aunt and Elizabeth had her speech therapy session after kindergarten but enough of the boring bits lol


The winner for Beverley's 40 Day party games, Beverley choose number 4 which corresponded to MargS's name. So congrats Marg!! If you email me your address details I will post you off the crafty RAK :) Thanks Beverley for allowing me to be part of the fun and thank you too everyone who joined in the party games :)


Thank you all for your support in my Project Scrap-Away adventure. The round 8 immunity has closed, not sure if this is going to be an ongoing thing for each round, will let you know :)


YAY I made it through to Round 9!!! The new challenge isn't up yet but I will share it with you when I find out :)


This is what the judge for round 8, Teresa Collins, said about my entry

"I loved what she did. The project is very cute. I like the homemade feel that she did. The edges and stitching- darling!!!!" OH MY!!! This was just so cool to read! Encouragement that was needed :) My entry was very different to everyone else's, as I do lol, and it was with a huge PHEW that I read this and grateful to be continuing on the adventure!


My entry. The challenge was to use only black and white and it couldn't be a layout. So I made a mini album. It is about 3" x 3" and made of fabric. The fabric is from a pair of hand-me-down pants that were going to be tossed out. I cut it into strips, sewed the 'stack' of strips down the middle and turned it into a little book. Because it was b/w I decided to make it about the colour in my life and the different "colours" each of my family add to my life. I made it with the homey and handmade feel. The fabric is left cut uneven, the stitching is crooked and you know what, the girls love it :)

Side view

we can only submit 3 photos so I made my first montage with the inside photos of my mini album. Downloaded the free version of photoshop and my friend Allison, a huge support on this adventure, helped me put together the inside photos into one for submission.

and here are the inside pages :)

and the back :)

You can see all the projects made for this challenge here they are all amazing!!!
Think that is everything for now
Ok off to get the girlys from school
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  1. YAY!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank-you! How exciting!! I knew the answer to the last clue too, but decided to let someone else win .......... & no-one guesed it LOL. Love your 'Little Black Book'!!! What a cutie- full of "cuties". How amazing to get those positive comments from Teresa Collins!!!! Well done!
    Will email you my address. x o x.

  2. Hi Sharmaine!! I love your mini album too! Such a neat project :) You are an inspiration too :)

  3. congrats to us for getting through to the next round!:) and i love your mini album!! it's so cool to do a fabric one, love the texture.. and the immunity thing is an ongoing one, which means we'll have to continue to accumulate points... can't wait to see what you come up with next sharmaine...

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog Sharmaine. Wow ... aren't the creations of the PSA "girls" awesome :-) Love your little book, so cute. Good idea to recycle clothes! :-) Looking forward to seeing what the next challenge is.

  5. oh no! i was a day late!
    i saw it reeeeal late over here last night, but needed to go to bed.
    i was fully intending on posting for you today!
    i'm glad you got through, and how couldn't you with such a cute book!

    i tried to reply by email to your comments on my blog, but it kept getting bounced? rudeness.

  6. Congrats Sharmaine!!!
    love your little's adorable :)

    hope you and family are well and enjoying the sunshine there!

  7. Wow! Congrats hun - so glad you are thru to the next round! I love your mini book too!!
    Thanks for supporting my 40 day event! Luv ya!!!!
    Margs: congrats on your win!!

  8. Sharmaine!!! The mini book is so unique and so you! I love your style and the way you do things. I'm soooo HAPPY you made it through round 9!!!! A BIG HUG TO YOU FOR GETTING THIS FAR!!!!!! I hope you were able to get everything done and had a good visit with your great aunt!!!

  9. I love your fabric album, right up my alley. Gorgeous work.

  10. Oh wow! I love your mini book! it is adorable!..

    I have really enjoyed reading your blog..... I will attach you to my list of buddies if you like

    luv tanxx (luv2cr8)


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