Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Gander at my Thursday

Can't show you the petrol station, grocery shopping or the trip to the fruit shop but here are some more ummm glamorous photos from my day
Cheeky chops Lucy

who loved having Elizabeth home so they could play together

Wasn't as warm today as it was yesterday but we were outside a fair whack of the day

they took some toys and dress ups outside

love this hat! A lady from Church gave it to Megan ages ago and it is now in the dress ups

Don't know where they were sailing to but they were off on a great adventure

wandered around the garden for a while

tried to get a 'good' bee shot

silly things don't stay still ;)

love this one, with his leg full of pollen

scrapped this page today. Been in my head since I took the photo. Used lots of Sassafras Lass from the My Sweet Spuds kit

Cut a photo corner to use on the side

and here

and will leave you with another sneak peek at something I made with the November kit from Scrap-n-Crop, big reveal on Saturday!!

Oh and today I added some Christmas songs to my playlist. The calendar is filling up so fast it's scaring me! I don't want to look at November because I know we are about to get crazy busy so I knew if I didn't start now I wouldn't get there!! So enjoy some more of the tunes in my head ;)
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  1. Love the photos of the bee collecting pollen amongst the lavender flowers. You should do a layout on this. The pics of the girls are also beautiful. Warm regards

  2. i love that layout.You have done a awesome job..

  3. love the layout and your photos are fabulous! Thanks for the well wishes, I am still pretty surprised. Have a great day.

  4. great photos of the Girls!!! love your layout, as always :)

    and Huge Congrats to you!!!
    *we Toot~ed you @ Groovie* ;)

    have a Fabulous Friday!

  5. ooh look at the girls! they are so adorable!!!

    & i love your blessings page...what a gorgeous photo of your precious ones! love that trick with the photo corner sticker...adds just the perfect touch on that cardstock

    & oooh look at that gorgeous masking sneak! you've definitely got something up your sleeve



  6. Anonymous5:30 PM

    lovely photos Sharmaine, thank you for sharing :)


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