Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Tuesday must be a good day for typing...

This was Lucy this morning, up at Dave's computer showing a doll how to type...

and this afternoon Megan wanted to use the typewriter, not for anything just because...

Jessica was sitting beside her with her homework but soon realised she wasn't going to get it done and moved to the lounge room before she was told that watching telly and doing homework didn't mix well so moved on to her bedroom lol

Jessica had come home with some of her art work today. Loved this, it's a castle with 2 nights (that's what she had written on the back heehee)

and then this one was just for Mummy and Daddy,

which was referring to this layout, posted here in March 2008,

and you can read the journaling here

Speaking of the Man and love time, he made us strawberry jam tarts for dessert

and they were yum!
Other yum things today was the parcel I received from Suzie with some Love Scrappin' goodies in it. So I put together this layout, of Elizabeth, using some Sassafras Lass paper

yummy thickers

Journaling reads "You loved this horse. It was in the park near Grandma's house. You went over and sat by it while everyone else played. You fed it, patted it and talked to it. It was lovely to watch, you are so gentle with animals and this fella was no exception. It truly looked like he was listening to your every word. Such a great gift. Love watching you use it"
Please note this is a wooden horse :)
On another scrappy woo hoo note, I had written up an article on Aussie Scrapbooking about the our holiday adventure and added photos of the mini album I made about our trip to the zoo. When I went to Aussie Scrapbooking this morning I noticed there was a comment on the post so I read it and was thrilled to see that it was from a lady called Susanna who is the owner of a site called Card of the Week and she had seen my mini and featured it on her site, how cool is that!!! You can see her write up by clicking on the lovely little badge she has given me, over on the right side of my blog :)
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  1. gorgeous drawings girls..fantastic layouts Sharmaine and yummy tart Dave..I should've come to your house for dessert!

  2. Love your LO :-) Pink and brown go so well together don't they. I'm jealous your hubby makes dessert so often!!! (not that I need dessert mind you! LOL)


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