Wednesday, October 29, 2008

PJ Day

Yep today was pyjama day at school. Megan had said she didn't want to wear them but when the new day dawned she was just as excited about wearing her pyjamas to school as Jessica and Elizabeth were, which was VERY!!!

Love it when I can scrap a page the same day as it happens ;)

Just love the Sassafras Lass range

You can find them at Love Scrappin' and Suzie told me that she has preordered the new Life at the Pole range so make sure you sign up for the newsletter at Love Scrappin' so you know when it comes in stock.

Today I also scrapped a page for the new prompt at One Little Word. The word was imagine. So I wrote about Megan and Epidermolysis Bullosa. When she was born we were told there was chance she might not survive, as lots of EB babies don't. We were told to imagine life without her.

Today the sun shone in the gorgeous blue sky

so we spent most of the afternoon outside

Yes Elizabeth stayed in her pjs all day and made salad

Took some really nice photos of Lucy but they all have shadows in the wrong places so you can't quite see the glint in her cheeky eyes

but you can imagine

can't you????!!!

Dave picked Megan up from Guides tonight and came in saying you should get your camera

tonight they had a potter come in and showed them how to do some clay modelling

love what Megan made and will take another photo tomorrow of her finished dogs, she wants to paint them so I think they will need a long time to dry!

Will leave you with this, go see the front page of Karens Scrappin Kupboard, it made me smile with surprise when I went to visit. Hopefully the page will stay that way for a while so you can see :)
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  1. Allison :-)9:51 PM

    Hey, in all the years since miss Lulus birth I have never noticed those freckles lol...all those snuggles and I failed to see them. Love all the photos...fantastic!

  2. your girls are so adorable, sharmaine.
    i love reading about what you and they get up to daily :)

  3. How cool having a pj day! Didn't do that when I went to school :-) And I don't think I have ever scrapped photos on the day I took them! Wow ... I am in awe.

  4. I like how you are using the spray ink.. it looks so fun! Your photos are perfect. I like how you capture emotion.

  5. Our director is an "inside the box" kind of guy (retired Colonel). We don't get pajama day. We used to get to buy (as staff) jeans days during the United Way Fund Drive and buy a whole month of jeans, but the Superintendent is a bigger Stick-in-the-mud and limited jeans to one day a week for spirit days only. At least your girls had some fun.

    PS I agree about the scrapping on the same day. Only happens in a digi world for me.

  6. Hi Sharmaine, how are you doing? :)
    love these photos of your girls and your layouts too!
    hehe..Laurenne has that Little Miss Sunshine T shirt

  7. Love your layout for OLW! Awesome!

  8. Congratulations on winning the OLW challenge... Our son has EB too... I can totally relate to your journaling!

  9. congrats for winning at olw! Tht lo is juz precious n lovely!


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