Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The truth is out there...

and sometimes you need to just get it out.
I have had the yearning to write since we were away.
I searched for a cheap notebook but could only find books that were $10 or more and knew that wouldn't do.
So I waited.
And today I finally got the chance to rid my mind and let the words float onto paper.
Really want to write and write and write and am going to do so.
Yesterday I received My Sweet Spuds kit and had to play so here are 2 pages I created this afternoon, between speech therapy, lunch and school pick up,

Used a scrap piece of paper, punched holes in it and used it as a mask.

While the girls were at Mum and Dad's shack they were attacked by mosquitoes so came home with lovely bites. Today I figured out that Jessica has had a bite reaction to the mossies. We knew she reacted to bee stings so now we know its the same with mosquitoes. She has a few on her legs and they now have red blotches around them and are swollen and hard, so she went to bed with a dose of antihistamine and tomorrow, I hope, they will look a little better. She asked me to take photos of her on the swing this afternoon. She is so proud of herself that she can swing really high now!

Took this photo today, just for Grandma ;)
They are getting bigger!!! Sad that there are a number on the ground that little fingers or the wind got to.
Will leave you with another sneak peek at what I did with Scrap-n-Crop's November kit
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  1. My DD has the worst time with ant bites. We started carrying an EpiPen with us when we knew we would be outdoors. It is no fun.

    You were definitely busy with the journaling. Very nice.


  2. Great Lo's there (as usual). :-) Hummm ... time out and away from family can sometimes make you think like that aye. Cool that you have recorded it. Are you doing a "book of me"?

  3. Love that you're getting it out there...and sharing with us...inspiring. I hope Jessica is feeling much better. Keep doing what you need to do!

  4. write it down...absolutely wonderful :)
    keep doing it...sometimes it is those quiet times when you just write & let go of what you think it is supposed to be that you really get to what you need...what your heart needs

    hugs :)




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