Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Whispers of Wednesday

Firstly, I asked Dave to pick a number and the winner of the RAK is Marie. Congrats I will be emailing you shortly. Thanks to everyone who left a comment and glad you like the new look and again thanks to Michelle!

Scrap-n-Crop have announced news of their kit club, launching their first kit, you can read more about it here. This is what Rachel and I will be designing for, after being finalists in Project Scrap-Away.

While typing this the lovely Peggy has tagged me

so here goes
1. Right now I am headlice free... After Lucy had them Saturday we found one on Elizabeth's head on Monday night and some eggs on Megan and last night I got Dave to check and he found a few tiny ones.. ICK!
2. Right now I am wondering if I should have shared that fact hehe
3. Dave has just got home from picking Megan up from Guides so I am listening to their banter
4. I love tulips. We have some planted out the front, the ones I have shared on here that my friend Bron gave me are out the back, and they haven't been successful but this year they are small but about to bloom
The purple is a Crocus

5. I love a cup of coffee. I have 3 a day. I used to drink more but when I got pregnant, the first time, I went right off coffee and read that you shouldn't have more than 3-4 cups a day so its been 3 since then. I don't drink it hot, I wait about 20 minutes then drink it. It isn't too hot or too cold then.
6. Lucy and I had to do some running around this morning so we went and had a cuppa together. I had a caramel latte and she a babychino and we shared a chocolate muffin.
7. I took some more photos of me today. Just playing around. Took this one laying down on the ramp that leads to our back door
and I tag you all, Dare you to play along hehe

Today was the first of two school photo days. Elizabeth had hers today while Megan and Jessica will be tomorrow. This morning I told them to practice their smiles in the mirror to which Megan told me she doesn't like her smile. This stuck in my head so when I sat down to scrap this afternoon I made this page using a photo that I took last week.

"Never underestimate the power of a smile. Yours melts my heart"

I used pieces from the last two My Sweet Spuds kit, some Bella! lettering, some Carolee's lettering, doodlebug paper frill, fabric, glimmer mist and a cool paper clip that I bought in a pack that is by Mooseworld

This post has just taken me over an hour to write so I think I should stop typing and press publish :)
*Edited to add* I think this "I want you to give yourself a PRESENT" is just brilliant!! I love the idea, it's what I blog daily so its not going to be difficult and it ties in so much with what Ali is doing right now and again this is stuff that is close to my heart and stuff that I blog/photograph/scrap. Love that!!!!! So head over to Stacy's blog and read more about it.
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  1. Love your smile lo Sharmaine! Love how you did the title! Gonna have to scraplift that one day when I have my scrap space and time back! Love all the distressing that you do on your layouts!

  2. Ah nits - so glad we are passed that phase in this household. My youngest would contantly get them and it drove me insane. Cost us a small fortune in treatments - can so identify with you with that one. Just wanted to let you know that I love your SMILE layout - just gorgeous - love your work.

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE that's just gorgeous!!

  4. Another fab LO from you :-)
    Saw the kits today 8-) COOOL ... really looking forward to using them. You will have to come here for a holiday and we can go visit Val's shop ;-) hehehee (Maybe Dave will get the travelling bug after his NZ trip hahaha)

  5. Love the layout and what you said on it. :)

  6. Thanks for telling us 7 quirky things about yourself Sharmaine.
    I love tulips too and you live in the right place for growing them.
    Don't kids love having a babychino and sitting in a cafe with you....they feel so special.
    Bye for now

  7. I love that layout and so glad you stopped by my blog. thanks for the comment. And I am glad you like my lift of layout, it was just so cute I couldn't resist.
    have a great day.

  8. Heyyyy beaudiful Sharmaine !!
    1st of all, looooove your new look !! oh maaaan it looks fab and very summery !!
    2nd. love love love those pics of the tulip !!!
    3rd... stumbled by mistake in my own blog under 'Scrap Sanctuary' and realized just then aweeesome fabuloustic chick who had put our blog at Aussie SCrapsource !! thank you sooo much for this :) we need a lot more of aussie or english speaker to visit us and so far...none :( but anyway, still having fun (eventhough it's a lot of work !!)
    Must catchup with you later on :)
    Hugs to you girl :)


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