Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Fair Dinkum?? It's Wednesday?!

The days are going by so quickly I can almost hear them crashing into the beach as they roll through!
This week the school is having a book fair, new books being sold and part of the money goes to buy new books for the library. I did my little bit
Lucy with her new Dora book

Elizabeth with her new Charlie and Lola book (no I didn't have to bend her arm too much to get her to choose a book from my favourite-ist show in the whole wide world!)

Megan and Jessica didn't miss out, just don't have photos lol
Had a lovely surprise today too. I had won a RAK from the lovely Liza and had totally forgotten about it. Well it showed up today, thank you Liza!!
Dave is on his way home from picking up Megan from Guides before he has to turn around and go out again. He is off out to a farewell dinner so tonight it's me, the telly and some scrapping :)
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  1. You must enjoy your newly won scrap stash. Hugs from Desire

  2. RAK ♥ congrats on your win! Looks like alot of fun goodies. I hope to feel inspired today...I will shop in my scrap room, lol!

    Have a scrapfull day (((hugs)))

  3. We always buy books from the book fair, I just need to donate all of our old books away though!

    Congrats on your loot!!!


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