Tuesday, November 11, 2008

You know summer is on it's way...

when you have a pot of new potatoes on the stove

and a big bowl of fresh fruit salad waiting.

Today Elizabeth brought home her Robot, they had made this awhile back when they did 'r' in kinder.

Speech therapy for little Miss E today and it went well. Another busy day for Lucy and I. Nothing created but I did get creative, with some of this :)

Think I will leave you with a poem, straight from my brain...

It returns
and then it fades.
Sun rises.
Sun sets.
Each day is new.
Empty moments,
yet to be seen,
waiting to be filled.
Plans being made,
some are mine,
most are not.
But still
it returns
and then it fades.
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  1. Hi Sharmaine,

    Loving that yummy fruit salad!! Your dd's robot is adorable. thanks for the poem I like it.
    I am off to the store, our cupboards are bare since i was away all weekend ~:O)

    Have a great day!

  2. We are on the other end of the season spectrum with fall harvest vegetables headed for the table. Just two weeks until Thanksgiving. I am in charge of a cornbread stuffing and a green bean salad...The other day I made a chicken noodle soup that just hit the spot.

  3. oh that robot is so cool :)
    and yummmy potatoes, i could eat them pretty much every night with a nice salad on the side, oh and a ton of garlic butter hehe.

  4. the poem... lovely. thanks for sharing. i love a little creativity straight from the brain. also the fruit salad looks amazing. i wish i could reach through and take a bite!


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