Thursday, November 13, 2008

Rose Moka + Mango Pud...

This post is ONLY about the good parts of my day. The sucky parts are now forgotten, I have moved on...

This morning Elizabeth, Lucy and I went and bought some of these, to stop the birdys eating our strawberries! They have had two so far that weren't ripe enough to pick, blasted birds! Hope these help ;)

Received some yummo Rose Moka paper today. From Suzie at Love Scrappin', had a play this afternoon. Made a layout

To make the flower I used a tissue paper strip, twisted it into a strand and then looped it around into the flower shape, stapled it together and then added the button to the top :)

Isn't that butterfly paper gorgeous?? Loved it and had to use it first!!

Made some Christmas tags with some Buzz and Bloom chipboard, from Love Scrappin' and glitter

and a Christmas card with some Scrap FX chipboard, also from Love Scrappin'

At the beginning of the month we went to a birthday party. One of the desserts was so delish I tried to duplicate it.

I used 2 packets of sponge fingers, 2 cans of mango, 600ml bottle of cream and some passionfruit pulp on top. You just layer the sponge, mango and cream and top with cream and passionfruit. I only did cream on/under the top layer. I made this before dinner but should have left it overnight to soak up the mango juice. We ate just under half tonight and the rest will be yummier tomorrow :)

Speaking of birthday's today is Opa's 60th. Dave is on the phone to his dad right now and we hope to see him in a couple of weekends for a little family shindig ;)

Right thats it, am outta here :)
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  1. awesome layout and cards...lurvvee them and that dessert looks so yum!!

  2. love that rose moka paper totally droolicious ?
    love the new banner
    hope you have a much better day tomorrow

    deb :)

    p.s if you ever want some free hipboard i do some design work for 2 crafty and Im sure i can swing some your way for demo purposes :)

  3. LOVE those tags!!! gorgeous!!!

  4. dude! you did it again!!!

    go check out Sweet Spuds blog!!!


    I love Gina and her kits!!!

  5. Anonymous12:48 PM

    tomummmy love you



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