Monday, November 10, 2008

Sometimes I amazed I am still standing...

and today is one of those times.
Been a busy, flat out day, from woe to go!
Spent the morning with Lucy at my Great Aunts.
This afternoon Dave had work things on so I took all the girls with me to Jessica's last swim lesson for the year.

She has done really well and is moving into the big pool next year. I also got to book all four girls in for lessons, thankfully all at the same time, well 3 at one time and then one after but that is good! Megan will move up a level too, so it will be interesting to see how they all go.
In the fleeting moments that we were home I put together, over the course of the day, this page. Yesterday, in Church, we had a guest speaker and something she said spoke to me about how Dave blesses me, in so many ways, so this page came to fruition, with help from My Sweet Spuds kit :)

I pulled out my favourite paint today too, can't tell you the last time I used it... too long!! Missed it ;)

Finished off my roll of masking tape today too, its now on the shopping list ;)

Gosh I love you Dave!

That's all, I'm outta here :)
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  1. the layout looks fantastic, great elements.

  2. absolutely gorgeous sharmaine :)

    & congrats to jessica! LOVE the photo of her!!

    take it easy sweetie :)


  3. i totally love the masking tape idea! i might have to try that! :)


  4. just me7:36 AM

    just for the record...I reckon youre a bit of alright too...

    blessing you only happens cos I cant help myself..I have to, cos that what you do to me


    and I will this (d) for another day...


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