Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas and Birthday Round Up, Plus A Bit More...

Thank you for all the well wishes, I had a lovely birthday :)
For my Birthday we took chicken and chips to Mum and Dad's for lunch, easier on them as they were busy picking raspberries. In the afternoon Allison and her mum dropped in for a visit with this gorgeous bunch of flowers.

a phone call from Bron later in the day, which made me cry, and that made my day. Miss her lots and it was nice to hear from her all the way from London.
Christmas Eve...
Last minute grocery shopping
Making Reindeer food, rolled oats and glitter.

Secret Santa-ing our friends
Putting out sacks

Leaving some food, a drink and some notes for Mr Claus

Christmas morning...
Started a little after 5am with Megan coming into our room, we told her to go back to bed lol 5.45am we were up to find this...

which was attacked with glee

and by 6am it was all over the lounge room floor ;)

after breakfast Dave dragged this outside, Megan thinks Santa dumped it on the lounge room floor cos it had a dent in the box ;)

then the setting up began

this is what some little people found to do while they waited

Almost there...

can you tell they were excited and eager to have a go??!!

then it was assembled and ready for use.
Youngest went first
Lucy knew exactly what to do and loved it

Mentally Insert Photo of Elizabeth here... she didn't want to get on, then gingerly did only to turn around and get off again. Since then she has been on again and again, as they all have, so still to get a photo of her...


and Megan

Lunch was an interesting time... my sisters two little girls have whopping cough so I had rang around on Christmas Eve Day to book Opa and Dave's Aunty in somewhere for lunch. I found somewhere so that meant we could still have Mum, Dad, my sister and her littlies here for lunch. After lunch we attacked the presents under the tree.

We then attacked it again for round two with Uncle Samuel (Dave's youngest Brother), his girlfriend, Opa and Dave's Aunt.
Boxing Day...
We took Dave's Dad, Aunt and the girls and headed out on a road trip so that his Aunt could see more of Tasmania. We went to visit Tarraleah, which is about 90 minutes from here.
Just before Christmas our dishwasher decided to start leaking, so while Dave's Dad and Aunt were off visiting other people we took the girls to buy a new one,

we have since discovered the old one was a 1976 model so it's little wonder it was tired after all our Christmas dish washing request!!
We also took the girls to spend their gift vouchers that Uncle Samuel had given them. This excited Megan because we gave her this for Christmas

so she bought this

and has spent much time doing this

28th we spent the day around home and said goodbye to our overseas visitor, as she was heading home to Holland
29th, today, we said goodbye to Opa, before he drove home, and then spent the rest of the day playing with more of the Christmas gifts.
My sister gave the girls Elefun, butterfly catching game

Santa gave each of the girls a game too. Elizabeth was given Tumbling Monkeys

I gave Dave a waffle maker

and tonight he made us some, they were very yummy!

I have been making some of the pages in my December Daily album, slowly but surely!
So will leave you with these

Pulled apart my Gloria Jeans paper cup and cut it up for this page

Used parts of my December Sweet Spuds kit for this page, thankful I finally had some Christmas themed odds and ends to play with
Hoping that things quiet down a little for the rest of the week before Mum, Dad and I fly out to Western Australia on Friday. My youngest brother is getting married over there on Saturday. It's hot hot hot over there right now so I am praying for a cool change lol a MUCH cooler change!
Ok this has taken me almost two hours to put together and now I'm outta here :)
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  1. Happy Belated Birthday Sharmaine - Christmas looks like a lot of fun at your place too. Love all the photos = the trampoline looks awesome and I am sure you are having a heap of fun with it, Love the album also.

  2. Merry Christmas and loads of love to your family Sharmaine! Love the trampoline! All the presents and the wonderful gifts your girls got! Looks like you all had a jolly good time. TFS!

  3. Definitely a lot of work for a HOLIDAY. Whose bright ideas was to call it that! How long are the girls out of school. In the US we go back on Jan. 5th.

    Tarraleah looks like a beautiful place. It will be a while (3years or more) before we get to Australia. I will let you know when we do though.

    Enjoy your time at the wedding.

  4. I really like what you've done with the December album. It will be a treasure for sure :)

  5. Your album is looking fantastic (as usual!). Love seeing the pics of the kids with their presents :-) And that pic of them in their chairs in the tramp box is great.


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