Friday, December 05, 2008

December Daily and More

Today Grandma's box of Christmas presents arrived. These 2 had fun ripping open the box :)

So now we have presents under our tree and I have no doubt the mountain will grow :)

I took some time on 2 days to create the first four pages in my December Daily album, as inspired by Ali Edwards. Because things have been busy here there haven't been many Christmas things happening so I have taken our daily happenings and twisted them to be a little more 'Christmassy' for the album. Thankful that I started this album as it has proved to be a quick way of documenting all the going ons and it will be fabulous to look back on in years to come.
So here is day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Close up of the journaling

Day 4

Used this angel that Marlies sent me when I was her happy mail partner

Close up of journaling

You can see my blank December Daily pages HERE

Mum's 60th birthday was yesterday so we went there for her birthday dinner.

We took Dave's Aunt with us and we all enjoyed some fun and laughter,

some more than others lol

Just wanted to share with you that recently I have been thinking of the story of Jesus sitting with the woman at the well and wishing we could all be so open to other people in our lives. Wondering why it is that we find it so hard to be open to every person. You never know the impact you have on other people and I thankful for the opportunities when I can sit at the well with others and praying for the times where I need courage to step out of my own comfort zone.

Tonight I am off to see Australia, the movie, with Allison and Fi. Hoping I don't fall asleep from sitting that long ;)
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  1. grandma8:43 PM

    glad the box arrived safely. Love your Christmas diary.

  2. Your album is looking great. (I went and had a look at it blank :-) Must have missed that post!) My album starts today ... still have a little bit to do before I can officially "start" it though!
    Gosh you look like your Mum (hope you don't mind comments like that?!) :-) Looking good for 60 :-)

  3. Oh, I really want to see that Movie! It looks divine. And you Christmas album is coming along brilliantly. Always like your work :)

  4. Anonymous3:03 AM

    i LOVE your work! xx

  5. Love the December daily album. So inspired to start one! Tks for sharing and GBU!
    ps {happy birthday grandma!}

  6. great to see some pics :) especially of your album!!! I love the lucy layout....I can't believe you broke your rule of going into the room once they were asleep!! or was this just before you woke her hee heee.....
    thanks for coming to the movies last night, had a fantastic time!!!!
    Allison (Alli, Aluminum foil)

  7. Love the your pages in the album!! day 3 is my fav!

  8. Loving your album to bits!!!!

    Which (darn) reminds me I am way back in catching up on my advent project with fellow's volunteer Natalia. Shucks!


  9. Oh how I loved the mounting pile of Christmas presents under the Christmas tree!!!

    Loving the holiday book:)


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