Wednesday, December 03, 2008

A Week In Photos

Again I am just sticking my head in to say HELLO (echo lol) and try to keep on top of the photos I have taken over the last week. So winding back the clock to last Wednesday...

Dave's Aunt from Holland arrived, as did Dave's Dad, Opa. Thursday we took the new van up the mountain. Got half way up and the radiator burst (had this repaired along with other things that were wrong and $2500 later we have it back.) but it was still ok to get us up and back home. The top of the mountain was cold, surprise surprise, and the weather changed as we were there so it was cold and wet (as I ran buckets of water from the toilet to the car to fill the empty radiator!).

Lucy and Elizabeth enjoyed themselves, when they weren't being blown away lol

and of course the view of Hobart was great to see, as always!

A fortnight ago I went to the Church of one of the kindergarten Mums. Her ladies group were making advent calendars so I went along to make on too. It was meant to be over 2 weeks but because I was busy last Wednesday I was given all the bits to complete it at home, which I did.

I bought chocolates to go in the pockets and then added a Christmas sticker to each one. Because there were 25 pockets we are using it to countdown to Christmas and so Lucy had the first one on the 30th of Nov, 25 sleeps to Christmas. We take turns to have a chocolate, youngest to oldest, even Dave and I have one.

Dave and Opa spent some time in the backyard throwing a baseball at, oops sorry to, each other

we had a party for Opa's 60th birthday.

The girls loved having him staying here!

Lots of people over for afternoon tea and dinner. Photos are for Grandma's benefit :)


After Church Dave put up our tree

the girls decorated it


Back to the busy-ness with Dave back at work, picked up the repaired new car and the Christmas lights inside were turned on for the first time
We found this when we got to Elizabeth's kinder

She asked if we could take him home, my reply was only if noone else does... so, of course, he came home with us :)

More of the noisy Christmas things were added under the tree
and we had a visit from Mum and Dad and then Allison

Elizabeth's kinder had a Letterland party. They have been meeting each of the letters over the year so today they all had to dress up as a character from Letterland and take along a plate of food starting with that letter. So Dave made her a lantern and she went as 'Lucy Lamp Lady' with a plate of Lollies and Lollipops :)

In other things, the wonderful Karen awarded me with this

I was really touched that she thought of me but also by what she wrote.
Here are the rules for the award
1. The winner may put the logo on their blog.
2. Put a link to the person who sent you the award.
3. Nominate 5 blogs.
4. Provide links to their blogs.
5. Leave a message for your nominees.
So I award this to:
Theresa, her art is always inspiring and her encouraging words always lift me up
Val, is an amazing soul who does so much for others and I am grateful for the opportunity to help her by being on the Scrap-n-Crop team. Love it when the scrapping community helps others.
Likewise I give the award to Serene and Penelope because of their support of Scrap-n-Crop as well as their unfailing support of me through scrapbooking, I am very grateful.
Inka and Flo are two more amazing people that I have 'met' online. I love the way they share their lives through photos and art.
and just one more, my list could go on and on lol, my pal Allison. She has just re-started her blogging and I am glad she has and think that is worthy of an award :)
Through the week I received this in the mail.

Was a RAK from Gina of Sweet Spuds. I opened it and kept ohh-ing and ahh-ing and used some of it on this, the only thing I have scrapped all week!
Ok so now I am up to date! Hope your all doing well and not letting the busy things get on top of you. Take care and hope to get back in here again real soon, I know I will have lots to share as I know what the calendar holds for us over the next few weeks lol
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  1. Wow what a week and bummer about your new van busting it's radiator. What a nuisance. Love the pic of Lucy & the Robot ... hope he's proves useful at cleaning up and doing chores hehehee :-)
    Pretty exciting bundle of scrapping goodies there too :-) nice one.

  2. aw....thank you for the wise, SNC owes it all to our volunteers. we have been blessed to have so many talented souls volunteering for free!

    ps: your van has a name? we have a similar one for bryant he can lay behind when we go to grandma's!

  3. Anonymous9:20 PM

    i am sooooooo honored and can't believe you've given me this amazing award!!!
    thank you Sharmaine.
    truly. i am so glad we've met. you bring sweetness to my world :)
    loves xx

  4. thank you so much for the award! :)
    your advent calendar looks really nice! and i also like your tree. :)
    it´s funny, we put our trees up in finland on 23rd or 24th december. it´s funny how the traditions go. :)

  5. Hi Sharmaine,
    You have been the busy bee, as usual!
    Wonderful post, tfs!!

  6. Hee Hee, you are making me laugh again, thank you. SO SO love the name of your wombat!! But I guess I would :)
    Hope she gives you nothing but pleasure now after the repairs...

  7. happy photos of everyone! hope someone adopted the lonely robot ;)

    cute calendar Sharmaine and how awesome to name your van! :D

    have a Wonderful December! *hugs*

  8. ooorrrrhhhhh... muak muak
    thanks Sharmaine! that's so amazing and sweet of you. and boy, i totally mean every word i say about your work! amazing! amazing! amazing!

  9. awwwww....thanks for the award and your sweet words!! You rock!
    I love the robot!! So nice of you to take him home!!!


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