Saturday, January 24, 2009

After I did this...

(chatting with Megan online)

and while he did this

I made this

Some close ups for you

See where I used my new punch??!!

And today... we spent some of the morning checking out local garage sales, bought the girls some 'stuff', including something for Megan, here is a sneak peek for you Megan:

The rest of the day was around home, doing whatever... Snapped Lucy doing some of this

Funny story...
We had a blowfly in the house today, nasty pest! Anyway Dave was trying to catch it, so we could feed it to Fang the Venus fly trap, when Elizabeth went rushing out of the room saying something very inaudible. Anyway she came back with the McDonald's things, that we had bought for her at a garage sale, she loves anything cooking... ok where was I, oh yeah.. she came back with the McDonald's toys and said "maybe these will help. The fly would see them, think they were real, land on them and then we could catch him!"
Slightly amusing and precious, don't you think??!!

I scrapped this double 8.5x11 page today too

The journal spot and the scallop edge are made from packaging off a packet of MM lettering.

And speaking of recycling and before I go, head on over to the Queen and Co blog. They have their CHA release announcement but WOW what cool ideas they have had in regards to going a little green, for this I stand and clap!
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  1. thanks for your visit (pop-in) as we call it here!!!

    liking the sound of the green Queen & Co - tx for the heads up. I've managed some very positive greening already this year, it's an ongoing drive.

    LOVE the butterfly on Dave's page...

  2. Sharmaine I love that punch too - got one not so long ago myself. Just better make sure I get it and use it now hey. Some great layouts again - always get inspired by seeing your gorgeous work.

  3. Hello Sharmaine....Loving your lo's, pics and stories too!! I liked the way you reused old packaging of MM letters.
    Right now I am in the midst of a mini using cardboard!?! Will post later.

    Have a wonderful day!
    Rosie ♥

  4. Kids come up with the best ideas sometimes. I wish I were so quick.

    Isn't nice sometimes to sit and do nothing?

  5. Anonymous4:20 PM

    just love that butterfly Sharmaine :)



    PS: I've moved my blog again and I promise if will be for a while this time. The new address is, please remember to change the link on your blog. Thanks

  6. megan5:27 PM

    hi mummy thanks for the bks

    nice layout

    i love you



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