Saturday, February 07, 2009

Friday morning, early Friday morning...

She turned 10!

Along with the surprise trip to visit Grandma we gave her a watch

The rest of the day...

I was feeling fragile.
So what does one do when they want to keep their minds on other things and keep the birthday day happy??
By 9 am I had made 2 cakes

and by 10 am the pumpkin and cheese muffins were cooling

and the choc chip cookies were in baking

That night Dave's brother, Uncle Samuel, and my Dad, Poppy, came for dinner, which was the requested chicken and chips. We followed that up with birthday cake.

and today we had lots of friends over for an afternoon tea birthday party. Good fun. No photos though cos I didn't get my camera out, other than to take a photo of the Hannah Montana cake, which was cracked....
Will leave you with this layout I made of Dave's Grandma and Megan. Funeral is Tuesday afternoon.

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  1. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL photos Sharmaine...and I love love love the very touching....I am sorry for her passing....{{{{hugs}}}} to your family! :):):):)

  2. Oooh Yummo:) That cake looks delish! I am thinking of you with these fires going on! I hope they are NO wear near you and won't be!
    Still eye balling that cake! LOL

  3. Oh Sharmaine, what a thing it is to come to your blog, only to see you in the midst of a struggle. My sympathy during your grief for grandma.

    You and I both, have a decade-old daughter! (until 6 March, that is) that's a wonderl age. Best wishes to her, from us. Hugs.


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