Sunday, February 08, 2009

My Blog Is My Home Is My Heart

and all are open.

I share my life here.

I share my creations here.

I tell you this because if you know me you know that I am an open person, I tell the truth, I tell it the way I see it, I share compassionately and I share how I feel. If you know me you also know I am a very reserved person, I don't share my life with everyone, just those around me who matter, those who I care about. I don't carry my heart where all can see it but if you know me you know I share 'me' in a real way and am ready to listen and impart.
If none of this makes any sense then, again, that's me. I say it as I think it, I type as I think and if it flows out of my head out of order then that's how it gets shared.

And why do I share this with you? I am going to share with you something, share it the way that I do. I share because I have to but more on that later and keep in mind tonight I am tired and blogging with raw emotions.

But first...

Today Dave surprised us with a trip to the Regatta after Church. The girls got to do or have one thing each. Elizabeth and Lucy had a go on the clowns, where you put a ball in the mouth, Jessica bought a show bag and Megan decided to have a go on the Gee Whizzer, which Lucy called the Cheese Whizzer. So I went with Megan and when we got off Dave was standing there with 6 more tickets so Megan and I had another go along with everyone else. They all enjoyed it but I think we have discovered a monster that was lurking as it seems Megan is a ride junkie!!
Was a lovely time and a needed distraction from things that have been happening this week.

I learnt this morning some sad news. Now this is where I share with you with my open heart. You see this isn't my story, it isn't my news but I have to share because it is what life is for me right now. I learnt, this morning, that my best friend and her husband, who are in the UK, had a miscarriage and lost their baby. It just made me sad, sad at the news, cried that they are so far away, cried that I miss her so much, cried that I couldn't give them a hug. So this afternoon I scrapped my thoughts to make this page.

Sometimes I just wish that the rollercoaster of emotions would stop, for just a while, so I could be sad. This week has been sadness followed by a time of happiness and so it is with this. You see my best friend's sister in law had their 4th child this morning too. A day to grieve and a day to celebrate. In Death there is Life. Thinking of Bron and Murray.

Ok so now I feel I have blabbled everything out of my head and that is what my blog/my scrapping is about. Just getting stuff out of my head. And right now Dave is playing computer games with Megan and Jessica so it's a little noise and just the excuse I need as to why my thoughts might not be coherent! I need quiet to think and this blog post has too many thoughts that needed to be 'thinked' upon! So I am taking my bleary brain and going to make a coffee.
Taking a breath and pushing the publish post button
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  1. Amanda Aitken8:44 PM

    You are awesome, Charmaine. Thanks for sharing xx

  2. Anonymous11:58 PM

    I get you.

  3. we can't have joy without sorrow. we can't have sorrow without joy.

    all things in balance.

    so sorry that you're riding the roller coaster. it is life, yeah?

    mucho hugs for you!

  4. I am soooooooo sorry for your friends loss....but I am proud of U for being able to bring that BEAUTIFUL LO to life to show some joy! LOVE you Sharmaine....U are amazing friend! :):):):):):)

  5. I just found your blog and your work is stunning. I love it.

  6. what a beautiful layout. So sorry for your friend's loss.

  7. so sorry for their loss. you and i think so much alike. it's easy for me to follow you. i just wish i was as talented as you are in getting it all on paper. you inspire me.

    thanks for your openness and honesty and thanks for always sharing.

  8. Thank you my beautiful friend. I love you. bron

  9. love the colours on this!


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