Thursday, February 12, 2009

"Granny's Gunna Rock Baby Jesus"

Today, in the car, Lucy asked "where's Granny?".
"In Heaven" was my reply.
"Why is she there?" she asked
"Because that's where you go" was my easy answer.
And without time to think Lucy said "Granny's gunna rock baby Jesus".
This made me smile, it all made sense and it was just SO true!

Today Lucy made a card for Jessica
and told me that she would make one for Megan tomorrow. I told her that the next day she wouldn't have to make one because they wouldn't have to go to school that day.
Today I received these in the mail, purchased on Etsy from One Ripe Peach
And speaking of Delish... Today I scrapped this page which is totally inspired by the talent known as Louise Nelson!

A majorly big grocery shopping trip is planned for tomorrow. Was going to do it today but seeing as Coles have got behind the fund raising, for the bushfire victims, Lucy and I were happy to change our calendar! Today school had a money line and I was amazed at how long it was, I just love it when people get together, in times like these, to help and support others. It's as it should be!
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  1. Those words were really sweet and innocent. Thanks for sharing your personal journey and the wonderful layouts. Love those butterflies!

  2. Sweet conversation with your daughter. It's hard to explain those things. I've lost a grandmother and I loved her dearly. I'm sorry for your family's loss.

    Upbeat note.. the etsy goods are adorable!

  3. I am so sorry for your loss.
    A child's perspective is so refreshing. :)

  4. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    The Girls have said it all!!!

    The LO is truly truly gloooorious Sharmaine!!! ;)

    What you have done with the butterflies is INSPIRED!!!

    Lou xxx


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