Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"I Don't Want Anything Dirty, Like Paint"

Declared this little lady while making a card for Elizabeth.

She just wanted to stick things, colour in, write and just have fun!
The result:

And why was she making a card for Elizabeth? Because today these three loonies

went back to school.
So Lucy asked to make a card for Elizabeth because she missed her.
Dave came with us to school this morning and then after returning home, having a coffee, hanging the washing he went off to work. Lucy and I filled in our day around home and with a trip to the supermarket.
The mailman arrived with these yummies that I had bought from Sweet William on Madeit, an Australian Online store for buying and selling unique independent goods. My paper pack was full of cool things that I hope to use on various creations.
And this afternoon, while Lucy made her card, I scrapped :)
The journal tag is gorgeous isn't it! It's from Shabby Chic Crafts. If you haven't, go check them out as Veronica has some amazingly cute tags available.

Thanks to everyone who left comments over the last few days. I really appreciate your compassion and thoughts. Yesterday was a long and hard day but the girls were really good and when things got a little emotional they settled quickly and we talked about what was going on. Also, just as we got home, I had a phone call and a big long chat with Bron. So feeling less emotional and having got today over and done without tears I am feeling more 'me'. Been a tough year already and knowing that life is about to get busy, with the happenings that the year brings, I am glad that I have such a wonderful family, the love of friends and a place to come and write about my day. Thanks for stopping by, thanks for reading and thank you for leaving a comment, you make my blog a brighter place.
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  1. Anonymous9:46 PM

    Taking a long overdue moment to catch up on my fav blogs. I wish I had been available to read earlier, to know of your rough times, and to let you know that I care. I've been in Melb. beginning a course and now my life is a whirl wind of work-study, but I'm still here, and I do care. We are safe from the fire threat, but it is close enough and very 'real'. Thinking of you, loving your scrapping and your trust. Love Gail

  2. Oh wow, that paper pack looks so yummy! Can't wait to see what you create with it!

  3. Nice sister for creating a card of love ♥ adorable!

    The SWwweet package of scrappy goodness Woohoo, that always lifts the spirit of the day.
    I ~"had to"~ run to local scrap store to get a blue collection of paper, thickers & embies yesterday! Just needed a bit of a pick me up ha ha!

    You are in my thoughts for the loss you & the family are going through. We made it through Thanksgiving and Christmas after Dan's(dh) father passed on. It is difficult, with time comes peace.

  4. Melissa S3:00 PM

    More thanks to you Sharmaine for taking the time to blog about your days and what you all get up to. I love visiting when my day is getting crazy; it is like a little place to go and take time out, and sometimes too to see that other people's lives can be just as crazy as mine. Keep it up!

  5. Ah, Elizabeth is a lady after my own heart. I don't want to get messy either. Never did, even at her age.


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