Monday, February 09, 2009

Sometimes I Want To Be Still...

But today was about keeping busy.

First, before my day, the kits for Love Scrappin' have gone on sale.
Here is mine, for just $12

With this I created 2 12x12 pages and a 8.5x11 page. I still have enough left over for another page but, as you can see by the page I made yesterday, I am using it up on other stuff :) In case you hadn't noticed I have a real thing for butterflies right now.
This page was inspired by the glimpse into life with teenagers...

This page is because I am thankful for the time we had with our niece

and this page is about the ship that I had my hen's night on... all those years ago, lol

If your interested you better be quick, the last one went rather quickly.
Was a public holiday.
So Dave had the day at home YAY!
Picked apricots off our tree

Froze some, stewed some, put some aside for eating and made some into jam

Megan declared, after getting out of bed at 9am, that she wanted to spend the day in her pjs.
So she did!

I scrapped

We head up to Launceston for the Funeral.
Please pray for us, please pray for Dave's family.
Megan was up till 10pm that night, in tears missing Granny (which is what they called Dave's Grandma to avoid confusion because Dave's Mum is Grandma too) and at the thought of not seeing her again. Glad that our girls get the opportunity to say goodbye tomorrow and I pray they will be strong, brave and good :)
And I leave you with my thoughts going to those effected by the horrendous fires in Victoria and New South Wales. For anyone who would like to help those who have lost their homes, lost loved ones or to help those helping others then please check out the Australian Red Cross Website, donate online or ring 1800 811 700 or you can also go to the Salvation Army website or ring them on 13 72 58.
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  1. thoughts and prayers will be with you today as you head to the funeral....hug the kids and Dave for me...please! :)

    Loveeeeeeeee the LO' ALWAYS....STUNNING!!!!!! :):):):):):):):)

    I have keeping up with the fires thru other Aussie girls too....sooooooooooooo sad....thanks for the links on how to help! :)

  2. i'm keeping your family in prayer.

    yum yummy yum. i LOVE apricots. my fave.

    one ? though. what is a hens night. i have a guess. just wondering if im right. tehe

  3. (((((((hugs))))))) You are always in thoughts and prayers, especially now. May you all be strong in your time of sorrow.
    ♥ ♥

  4. So sorry for your loss, big hugs to you.

    I love the layouts....ALOT!

  5. I'm so sorry for your loss and sincerely hope you have a safe journey. Your apricots look divine! So wish I could grow some fruit here :) and your scrapping is fantastic. I love the butterflies.

  6. Sorry I'm a little late on this post Sharmaine. But I love what you have done on the layouts ... and those jams! They look so yummy!


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