Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Mini Making

Thought I would share with you something I made today.

I made this journal, for a birthday present,

and here is how to make the cover...

I took some fabric and a McDonald's Drink holder.

Put some stuffing (fibre fill) between the fabric and the cardboard, then stitch the 4 folds down on the other side, ie the cardboard side up.

Then randomly stitch the front to make it look like a quilt. Stitch on a button.

Then place the inside of the cover (the side where you can see the cardboard) onto a piece of brown paper (you could use any type of paper but I used a recycled paper bag). Make sure the paper is larger than the size of your cover, then placing the fabric side up in your sewing machine, sew around the outside of the cover. Then remove the excess brown paper so you don't see it when looking at the front of the cover.

I then made a back cover using the same technique, minus the button, cut up some graph paper to go inside and then bound it with my Bind-it-All. If I didn't have the Bind-it-All I would have put holes in with a hole punch and bound it with ribbon or book rings.

I also made this mini album about our new trampoline, using Bingo Cards and the Bind-it-All. I made it for fun and kept it very light hearted by using our nicknames.

So that's what I did today, as well as taking the girls to Dave's work for our sandwich lunch, paying school fees and spending too much at the fruit and veg shop :)
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  1. Nice! Great idea on recycling! :o

  2. love your jumping mini book! so fun!

  3. These are gorgeous and I love how you recycled the maccas drink holder!
    Did you buy your bind it all in Australia? Can you buy extra binding things for it easily? I've seen them around on the net and I'm really tempted, not so much for my scrapping but to bind stories and work by James and Bella. Is it easy to use?
    I know, I know, I ask a lot of questions :)

  4. I Love the cover :) and the Mini is adorable. Those jumping pictures look like so much fun!

  5. love the mini, gorgeous colour :)

  6. eek! I love this idea!! I have to remember this!!!!!


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