Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Good Day To Be Inside

Today has been cold, wet and dreary. Had the heater and the lights on today! Such a contrast to yesterday's warmer day! But that's Tasmania for you!!

Because of the weather I got some puzzles out for Lucy to play.

She enjoyed having them to herself, when everyone was home, after swimming, the puzzles were devoured lol

I haven't felt like scrapping in a while. Nothing is exciting me at the moment, lack of something new and inspiring, lack of time, lack of want... So today I sat myself down and just played about with the glimmer mist a while and made this page

Then I pulled out a canvas that I started and put aside months ago. Its now sitting waiting for a layer of Mod Podge to dry before I see if it needs anything else. Hoping that by playing that I can get the desire to create back, will see how that goes :)

Was really excited to read about something new that is starting 1 March. The Scrap Review!

and as promised some sneaks of the second kit that will be available at Scrap-n-Crop 1 March.

Tomorrow Miss Lucy turns 4. Wednesday is normally a busy day, with Megan going to Guides, so we are switching things around for Miss Lucy. Having the cake at breakfast time and dinner at the requested McDonalds, she thinks its going to be a party even though I have told her a zillion times that it isn't we are just eating it!
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  1. Hi, found you through a general search for scrapbooking, read your profile and though great, someone just like me on the other side of the world! I too have four kids, 2 boys & 2 girls, love anything messy etc and then when I got to your blog 'somewhere over the rainbow' was playing which is my first tune too, although mines the eva cassidy version. Enjoy your day

  2. Hi Sharmaine, I had to come and visit you after you popped in to my blog. Thanks for leaving a comment, it's nice to know who's reading.

    I haven't done much scrapping lately apart form class stuff I can't show on the blog yet so it seems like I'm a slack scrapper at the moment.

    The digital blog stuff really is easy. Go to www.houseof3.com and check out their blog couture. It cost me $3.00 US and all I had to do was cut and paste 2 codes. SO easy!

    Your blog list is as long as mine! hehe.

    I'm off to check out the rest of your blog...

    Sharon Larmour
    jam sandwiches on the hill


  3. Love the Jump layout! Amazing what you can come up with when just playing around.

  4. Happy Birthday to Miss Lucy!!! it's fun to be 4 :)

    hope you're well Sharmaine :)
    love that glimmer mist play!

    take care and have a wonderful Wednesday :)

  5. SO GLAD to see you have the Scrap Review on your blog....it's going to be great!!!
    And love what you did with the glimmer mist!

  6. I love how you used the masking tape and the grommets (eyelets) together. What a unique idea..at least to me.

    Yay, cake for breakfast. Can't wait.


  7. Hello Sharmaine,
    Fabulous "Glimmer lo". I relate to you not feeling up to it. Sometimes you will have that. I have a lo I just uploaded, the one with blue paint as a background, well I painted it at like one in the morning trying to "find my mojo", ha ha~:O)

    Love reading your blog girlfriend ♥

  8. Heyy Beaudiful Sharmaine !!
    haven't visited for quite some time :)
    i can see all is well and also sooo busy :)
    missed your inspiration so..here i am and looove the sneak peak here ;) hmmmm very interesting :)

  9. lovely as always!
    i can't help being drawn to the squirts and sprays. i need to try my hand on them soon! thanks for the inspiration Sharmaine.


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