Sunday, March 29, 2009

Just Words And Pictures

and lots of them :)
So where to start... Might as well be the beginning!
Received this box.

and when you get a box what do you do with it?

You empty it and make a car, of course

and what do you do with a car? Stick pencils in it??!!

We later added a steering wheel and Dave added a gearstick. But tonight it is in the recycling bin awaiting collection in the morning. The poor car was loved, lots!
So why did I get the box?? Well, it wasn't just to make a car for Lucy but it was because Smiggle have a sale on. With prices as low as $.50 and paypal as the payment option I just had to smiggle me some Smiggle!! I put some things away for birthday presents but want to show you some of the things I bought.

These tins, A4 size, come in 2 sizes. I thought they wouldn't be as big as they are so am really happy with them for just $2 and $5!

This BIG bulldog clip

These little people clips

and these playing cards, too cute to pass up.

After Lucy and I had lunch we jumped in the van and headed to a recycling shop where I found these

a box that I have MANY ideas of its new use, but we will see which idea comes to fruition

and this Cinderella book which I bought for the print but now have some ideas for the pictures.
From there we went to the tip shop where I found these treasures


That I promptly used for this

this craft box which was full of thread so I couldn't say no

this huge bundle of vintage sheet music

Thursday night Dave took us girls out for dinner, which was nice because I was tired!

I took Lucy to one of the State Librarys to hear Jeanette Rowe talk and read some of her books to the kids. We then went and had lunch with Dad. Elizabeth brought home this gorgeous caterpillar that she made at school

It some how crawled onto her head ;)

Yesterday, being Saturday...
We went to visit my Great Aunt. We took a cake and a candle and had a few minutes with her to help celebrate her 96th birthday.
Home again, started pruning and cleaning up the garden. Dave had soccer. Megan went to a pool party. That was Saturday

Today, being Sunday...
Church this morning, home for leftover home made pizza, finished pruning, Dave went to the tip,
stewed some more apples.... that was Sunday.
Will leave you with some sneak peeks of what I made with the April kit from Scrap-n-Crop

PS: Tomorrow is the last day to purchase the Create to Recreate design sheets, so make sure you head over to so you don't miss out, will be the best $5 you have ever donated :)
PPS: thanks for reading through this hefty post :)
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  1. Well, I hope your week will be as full as your weekend. Certainly it was fruitful. Never heard of tip shop, but I did love those clip hangers. I used to have some like that at my mothers. What a great use for them. You certainly think outside the box - except when it comes to USING the box. I remember when Caitlin and I made a car out of a box. We haven't done that for James because he would rather stand ON the boxes rather than sit IN them.

    Your post made me smile.


  2. Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww....amazing finds U have FOUND!!!! AND beautiful photos! :):):):):):):):):):)

  3. Love the pictures of the "car"!
    Your sneaks look great! Can't wait to see the full reveal!

    Have a great week!

  4. Boxes make the BEST toys! I love the little peeks of your layouts - can't wait to see them!


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