Monday, May 04, 2009

Camera Work Out ;)

Scrapped this page today

Loving the 'wrapped' photo feel of the tied string

Wanted the heart charm to 'float'

but still stay in the same spot so added a foam dot underneath

Loving these stars too. Got them before Christmas, in hope of executing one of the many ideas in my head, and they have floated about since. Each of them are textured differently and they are mighty fine on the page ;)

and so you don't hurt your neck, here is the journaling :)

Megan has started learning how to crochet at Guides. She then found that she can do it without the hooks and has been busy 'knitting' up strands together to make bracelets.

I finally got the chance, and the daylight, to take some photos with each of the girls today. Inspired by Emilie and the Flickr group she set up I want to inspire others to take more photos of themselves WITH their children. So here are me and my lot ;)

Megan and I

Jessica and I

and the outtake ;)

Lucy and I

Yes she had been crying, poor rabbit. One of her big sisters had hurt her but when she saw what I was doing she was soon cracking up lol

Elizabeth and I

So I challenge you to go take a photo of you and your loved one(s). Just so they can remember :)
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  1. Wonderful page!!

  2. i know what you mean about taking pis of oneself..... there is always something that you dont like...two chins , wrinkles in too many places...etc etc... the pics a precious i am sure your girls love them

  3. Anonymous9:10 PM

    I love your challenge, it's something us busy mums often forget! Your blog always brings a smile to me, pictures, photos, music, and of course the same ole Sharmaine charm!
    Luvya! ~Lynda xx

  4. Oh, I have only ever set out to take a photo of myself with each of the kids once and that was WAY too long ago.
    Thanks for the reminder - it's time to do it again. And soon.

  5. That LO is GORGEOUS!!! LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE how U tied the string and placed the charm on it....and those photos of U and the girls are PRECIOUS!!!! I just did one of me & Adam at the Polish festival late last month....gotta do again soon! :):):):):):):):):):)

  6. LOVEEEEEEEEEE the Lo and yes I agree I need to go take some pics with the little ones!!! Thanks for sharing!!! Happy Monday!

  7. LOVE your layout :)
    Adore those photos even more!

  8. Great journaling! I love your use of twine with the heart charm. Adorable photos. What wonderful memories!


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