Sunday, May 03, 2009

Good Looking Tarts

This little chicky turned 6 yesterday.

This photo was taken today because yesterday was JAM PACKED!!!

Up early to open presents

Off to McDonalds for breakfast

Off to Megan's soccer game.

Their game was 3-3!! Not bad being that last year her team only scored 2 goals for the whole season!!
Home via the supermarket for cake and lunch provisions.
Ate lunch.
Back in the car again for Jessica's first soccer game.

She played the second half in goals... I think there is something genetic about this happening... Dave left part way through the second half, after umpiring the first half, so he could go to be goalie for his team :)

Took the girls to McDonalds, again lol, after soccer for a icecream cone.

When Dave got home from his game he helped Elizabeth set up the Marble run that we gave her for her birthday.

and I cooked dinner

home made pizza, as requested ;) Uncle Samuel and Louise came for dinner so it was a noisy time :) We ate in front of the telly and watched a movie.

Once the pizza(s) were gone we enjoyed birthday cake,

LOVE this photo of Elizabeth and her lit cake, love it.

She loved cutting the cake and had to sample it before we did ;)
Tonight Dave and Elizabeth made tarts, using the REAL cooking set that Grandma and Grandpa gave her. She came and told me that they were "good looking tarts", and they were!

So she has had a wonderful time turning 6 and our weekend has been full :)

And the news I mentioned in the post below...
Is that I have been selected to join the Design Team for Such Sweet Tierney. London creates fabulous chipboard buttons and sells them through Etsy. She recently had a DT call and I was one of the 5 she selected, cool?? VERY! Go check out her blog, the other DT members and her wonderful buttons :)

Also wanted to say hi to the new followers of my blog, thanks for visiting and following. I hope you stop by and say hi one day so I can get to know you too :)

Will leave you with some photos I took yesterday/today, just because...

Jessica's stripy legs

and these 2. Dave bought the girls a Pez dispenser each when he was in Sydney. I spied Elizabeth's and took it for a little walk around the garden so I could have some 'fairy's in the garden' photos ;)

Ciao and thanks for reading :)
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  1. What a wonderful post and I so enjoyed spending the day with your family! Oh....those BLUE eyes are to die for!!!!! Look like you had a great day!!!! Happy Sunday!

  2. Happy 6th Birthday Cutie!!!
    your Girls are growing to be really Charming Beauties Sharmaine :)

  3. Happy Birthday Elizabeth!
    Love those pictures, especially of one she's holding the tarts. Such beautfiul eyes...mesmerizing indeed!

  4. What a great birthday! Maccas for breakfast - yummmmmm! :D

  5. Every time I open this blog...I swear I just *swoon* :):):):):) These photos make me JUST sooooooooooooooo HAPPY!!!! LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE them! :):):):):):):):):):):):)

  6. Anonymous11:57 PM

    Once Seinfeld had a whole programme based on the Pez Dispenser.

  7. What a busy day! Happy Birthday Elizabeth. Love that photo of her with the cake & candles burning too - gorgeous smile ;-)

  8. Happy belated birthday for Elizabeth, I think six is such a great age in between being a little girl and starting to really grow up. My daughter is seven this year and the changes I've seen over this past year have been amazing. I love all your pages in the post below, you always make me want to pull out my scrap gear :) Take care Belinda

  9. Grandma4:28 PM

    thanks for sharing all the lovely photos of Elizabeth's birthday, wish I could have been there!!

  10. Certainly a full but pleasant weekend. The cake looked yummy along with the pizza and the tarts. How fun was that?! Well, as you are enjoying sleep right now, I am on my way to work. Take care.

  11. Happy happy Birthday to your 6 yr lil girl, very fun birthday!! The pizza looks awesome also ♥


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