Thursday, May 07, 2009

Hmmmm They Were Good

Yesterday I baked some blueberry muffins. Had about 1/4 packet of white chocolate buds left, the melting kind, so I smashed them up and threw them into the mix as well.

No I didn't eat them all ;) they went straight into bags and into the freezer for school lunches.
Been a busy couple of days, for slower days that is! Yesterday Elizabeth had both her Occupational therapy and physio therapy appointments after school. She was tired and fidgety but did ok with both. I had dropped the others off with Dave so we can home in time for me to drop her off and have Megan and Jessica jump in the van and off to Guides.
Today was meant to be another slower day but with the grocery shopping, Jessica colliding with another kid at school, hurting her lip and knocking one of her teeth a little loose... lots of blood but nothing major... we had to go pick her up from school so picked up everyone at the same time and Dave had a Dr appointment and tonight soccer training... so another full day :)
Yesterday I played around with some bits that had been lying around on my scrap table for a while. Pulled this page together ;)

did a little doodling
used another foam dot to stabilise the flower charm
still liking the string and knot thing ;)
and of course the journaling :)
so that's that.

Tomorrow the girls have the mother's day stall at school. Have briefed them to buy something I will use and not something smelly.. will see how that pans out on Sunday I spose!

PS there is only one of my kits left over at Love Scrappin' so if you were thinking of buying you better hurry. And speaking of Love Scrappin, Suzie has just added some of the new Kaisercrafts Fozz Fontz Alpha's and they are only $5.95!!! CHEAPER THAN CHEAP!!! she has White, Black, Pink and Teal.. guess what colour I am drooling over!! HA!

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  1. OH MY......what a stunning LO!!! Love the details, the doodling and the twine is just perfect! Grat photo!!!! Have a great Thursday!

  2. Really like your LO. I just look at your work actually and shake my head in wonder! True ... I couldn't pull that off, the grungy look, but there's cute with it. It's awesome.

    Oh and I'd guess you are drooling over the teal alphas hehehee

  3. This LO is wonderful!!

  4. Oh, this layout is gorgeous Sharmaine! LOVE the photo of it against the blue sky!

  5. Your layout is so pretty! I am thinking that one of those muffins and a cuppa would be just about perfect!

  6. those muffins look to die for. also, i'm totally loving the details on that layout! so pretty! :)

    have a great day,

  7. Those muffins LOOK YUMMY!!! And that oh wow....that LO!!!! LOVEEEEEEEEEE that photo and that YUMMY GLITTER! :):):):):):):):):):):):)

  8. OHHH but are they healthy and fat free...i think not!!!! (not with that delicious white hocolate added) I am really trying to be good and if i make yummy things like that i just eat them...even if they go straight into the freezer ..and even though i tell myself i self will power...oh i am a sad case i know..
    love this page..suits its subject...very dreamy.

  9. Wow -- that layout is STUNNING!! Love it!!!

    And blueberry muffins are divine. :)

  10. Sharmain,
    I am lovin it. You are doing some great stuff with fibers...I must get off my duff and try that trick with the eyelets! TFS

    have a great and scrapfull day!

  11. Gorgeous layout!!! So many details. Yummy looking muffins, too.


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