Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Hello Mummy’s Taxi Service, How Can I Help You?

That’s how today felt!!

First thing this morning we took my van in to get new tyres and used Dave’s van to take the girls to school
Got to school and the power steering belt broke
So after driving home with VERY heavy steering and then back to pick up the other van we took the broke one in and got that fixed too
Lots of car swapping but the cool thing was that when we got the quote for the tyres it was over a hundred dollars more than the quote we originally got so they used the first quote which meant that even with the broken power steering we still came out in front, well I am telling myself this lol We do like our new tyres though :)

While we were dropping the van off at the tyre place, this morning, Jessica’s soccer coach txt’d to say that training was cancelled, we had MUCH rain overnight, Dave still took Megan’s team for their training though so it meant, because we were a set of wheels down, that Jessica, Elizabeth, Lucy and I had to tag along too

Which wasn’t so bad because right next to the oval, where they did this,

was a park with this

and this

and this

which has this on the other side

and someone could do this

I liked the rocks

that’s an echidna painted on that one and this one looks like it is really this way

I then had a wander to see what else I could find
The obligatory empty bench

don’t forget to look down, this park has some really cool cement work where they have put pieces of tiles and glass in them

and always look up :)


The yellow are Banksia 

and I can now share the page I made for Such Sweet Tierney

 100_5824 100_5832100_5828 100_5829 100_5830 100_5831

Aren’t the buttons just gorgeous?? Make sure you go check out what the other DT members made :)

Pre kinder day tomorrow so it’s another action packed day :)

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  1. I am sitting here with the biggest grin on my face....I just loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee those happy photos and the lo is just amazing!!!! U always make me smile! :):):):):):):):):):)

  2. Nice park. Certainly a busy day. I have started the mom taxi this week and I don't see a break until December. We can start a club.

  3. when i saw those pics i totally thought it was rosetta primary school oval...its not is it?? maybe alot of schools loook the same down there?
    my nephew goes there my parents house is up the road from it <3

    love the pages, london makes some good buttons!@


  4. Busy yes-but I love how you make time to really see things Sharmaine.

  5. oh and I finally got around to thanking you and giving out my awards!

  6. can I catch a taxi to a happy snuggly place

  7. I think your photography is really inspiring lately! I love your attention to the little things in life, its uplifting!

  8. Lovely pictures and nice park. the tiled cement ground below the bench reminds me of stones they put down at our park for reflexology. Anybody who wants to have their soles massaged just walk on them. Thanks for sharing!

  9. sorry about the tires. :(
    what an awesome park!
    how fun.
    i love the layouts.
    your journaling is always so great.
    right from the heart and onto the paper. i LOvE it.


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