Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I Want To Make Art

she said
So art she made


She made this all by herself and seemed to enjoy the 'making of art' lol
Her requirements were that it be pink, but we settled for a purple background
She got upset when she was almost done because she wanted to use the pony photo instead but was happy when I said she could use that next time :)


I only helped with the spraying of the Glimmer Mist, because the bottle can be temperamental, and the journaling


she traced the mask for the journal spot
Oh and I cut the hole for the brad on this


and I helped pull the self adhesive crystals off the backing sheet because that was a little tricky for little fingers


Love that she scrapped this photo, love that the girls scrap event photos, because it means I don’t have to and I can scrap other things secure in the knowledge that the event photos are being looked after :)

So she scrapped today, I didn’t

But the Love Scrappin’ November kits went live tonight so I can share my creations with you now :)
For $12 this kit, I think, is a bargain

I made 2 layouts AND a mini album WITH it’s own storage
So here is the first page

Love the My Little Shoebox alphas are very cool and come with a bonus sheet of phrase stickers, that are equally cool :)


did some masking and Glimmer Mist action


the pink lettering is from Smiggle, and aren’t included in the kit nor is the badge I added, just because I *heart* Smiggle :) :)


2nd page
On the way to the boat, when we went away for the September school holidays, we called in to The House of Anvers, a chocolate factory that make VERY delish truffles and chocolates
In the gardens, that surround the site, there was this vintage looking car that was on springs
So the girls all had a great time bouncing around in the ‘delivery van’


Good times, good memories ;)


Included in the kit is a packet of Raspberry coasters
I just loved the image of the car so had to cut it out for this page, then I can admire it always lol


and the journaling :)


and the rest of the coasters??
I made a mini album and altered the container, that the coasters came in, to make a home for the mini :)



If you are interested in the kit please PLEASE rush over to Love Scrappin’ as the kit is very limited and for $12 its a good buy :)

My next post I will have a little tutorial on how I made the mini :)

Dave went back to the hospital this afternoon
The lump was benign and his wound is healing well
He goes back next week to have the stitches removed
Have a photo of the cut/stitches but if your a little squeamish or don’t like gruesome things please look away now :)









It is a lot longer than I expected and he’s been told he won’t have full use of his neck for quite some time
But the wound is covered up again and was looking a lot better than the Doctor expected, so all good :) :)

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  1. it is ONCE again proven in the history of time...that BOTH mama's and their babies are PURE artistic geniuses!!!!!!!!!!! Look at that GORGEOUS lo she made!!! WOW WOW WOW!!!! And mama's aren't too shabby either!!! LOL!!!! And I am squeamish ... U have nooooooooooooooooooooo idea how much...lol....soooooooooooooo i won't comment on dave as i scrolled past the pic to fast too see it..lol lol lol...LOVE U! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. How sweet! She's just adorable :) and great LO. Comes from great genes :)

  3. Just love that layout that she made - how sweet! Love your layouts too - you are so creative with the little touches and I really like all of your misting, especially those lace looking circles. Looking forward to seeing your tutorial on that cute mini

  4. Your daughter is a great artist as her mum!!

  5. I love your little girls LO. She is a scrapper in the making.

  6. grandma5:40 PM

    thanks for the photo of David's neck, all mothers need to see these things!!!!! clever Lucy!!!!


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