Sunday, November 22, 2009

I Want To Stand Under Mistletoe

Yes I can hear the sleigh bells warming up
A little over 30 sleeps till my favourite day of the year
Yesterday was Hobart’s Christmas pageant and this year Megan and Jessica took part, walking with their Guide group

Megan in a cardboard canoe


and Jessica looking festive


Elizabeth, Lucy and I went off to watch, Dave arrived, straight from the airport, just after it started
Took a few photos to share ;)


These ‘skippers’ would have been tired by the end!


Here is Megan and Jessica’s group but they were on the other side so I couldn’t get a photo of them walking


Saw Superman


and Spidey :)



Don’t know where this lady came from but she ran right in front of these 2 guys and they almost fell over, see the man up on top WOW!


Small fire engine :)


and finally, at the end, the Big Guy himself all dressed in red :)



Once we had collected everyone we went and wrote a letter to Santa


Was a cooler day than our hot Friday, we spent the morning getting rained on and we had to turn the heater on when we got home. It has been on again today as it’s been cold

Yesterday I started/finished off the challenge for the final round of The Scrapper of Oz at

All those in the final were sent a bunch of goodies and we had to use them to make a card and gift, to go with the theme of the challenge 
I found the card a challenge but had fun, all the same
One of the items I was sent was a gorgeous heart stick pin
I was going to use it as the chimney on the roof but somehow I have lost it, I’ve looked high and low, pulled things out, walked the house looking at the carpet and I just can’t find it! Felt ill thinking about it and sooked a little last night because i’d misplaced it
So minus the stick pin here is what I made


The card


Close up of the flower pot, I used a felt flower, a circle cut from PP and a button on top of the original flower


and I took the wooden plaque and turned it into a white board, using some of the packaging


and made a rose using some of the paper flowers we were sent


Thought I would share with you how I made the white board
I took some of the cardboard, that was in the pack to keep it from bending, and some of the plastic, from the bag that it was all sent in to protect it
I cut the cardboard to size


and then covered it with the plastic, adhering the underside with double sided tape


I then stitched it all into place


and adhered it to my painted wooden plaque


Simple and it works really well :)

Today, after Church and lunch, we cleaned up the sunroom, so Dave could rearrange the lounge room and we could start on this


Our weeks are getting busier and the next 3 weekends, I don’t want to think about past them yet, are full so we had to make a start today or it just wasn’t going to happen with smiles!!
So the girls all pitched in and enjoyed doing some decorating


This little lady graced the top of our tree again this year


She is an old Barbie doll that I dressed up for the very first Christmas Dave and I had together
We didn’t have a lot of money back then, so she is dressed in piece of old white towel and some silver tinsel
She has had a few trees to sit on since then and seems happy enough :)


This year we have had a few additions to our Christmas decoration list
Lucy and I bought this windmill Santa on Friday


and this one came home with me when I was in Western Australia, for my youngest brother’s wedding, back in January


Next post I will answer Annemarie’s question and show you how I created the lettering on the layout from the previous post :) I was going to do that with the post but completely forgot, so thanks for asking Annemarie :) :) :)

Ok off to pretend Dave and I are under some mistletoe ;) ;)

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  1. Looks like lots of fun was had by all! I love parades! Not much of those around in our area these days. Love your chrismas tree! Still have to put up mine! :)

  2. OMYGOSH!!!! I love love love love those photos....looks like a FUN day!!!! And loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the card.....and barbie as a tree topper is the bestest ever!!!!!!! And hehehehehehehe....I hope U and Dave have fun under that mistletoe! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. so much fun! and you are early! I haven't got my tree up yet! haha lovely pictures and the cute LO!


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