Sunday, January 31, 2010

I Want Me A Family Weekend

and me thinks that is what me got :) :)
Yesterday we went to Mum and Dad’s for the afternoon
We went so we could watch some of the Targa Classic Car Event that had a race leg past Mum and Dad’s
Dad had set us up, with 2 ute trays and a truck tray to sit in


so we could wave to the cars as they shot past


and then we had a bbq dinner, that was cooking while we became loud petrol heads!


Even two lots of neighbours came to use the good vantage spot and yummy food
Got lots of photos


and lots like this, or of the empty road, because my shutter was too slow lol


Other, rather cool, news was this


Dave’s youngest brother FINALLY got engaged, love that I got the sun sparkling on the ring :)
and allowed me a photo


yes it got better


and then we got a nice one :)


and right now we are waiting for our pool to fill up

It’s rather hot here today
We have the air conditioner on
Chicken cooking in the oven ready to be pulled apart to make a salad for when the girls get out of the pool
and my sister and her girls are also coming over and staying the night
And so endeth my family weekend
Good, no??!!

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  1. Grandma5:09 PM

    thank you for the lovely photo of the ring!!!!!!!!! Samuel will have to practise the smile before the wedding!!!!!!!!

  2. vroom, vroom sista!!! ok, adding tazlandia to the list! how could I forget!!! sheesh!

    waffles, bbq, chicken salad!!! a woman after my own heart!!! yum!!!
    (and my word veri "dinesse" hahaha!)

  3. It looks like a great weekend ... cool pictures! And ... I have an award for you on my blog :-) ...

  4. What a great weekend...your photos always bring a smile to my face..and oh my you did catch the sparkle of the ring with the sunlight...Congrats to the Happy Couple!!

    I adore the pic of the girls lined up at the window waiting for the pool!!!

    We have tons of SNOW!!!!!!

    Have a Blessed week!!

  5. looks like a fab-o weekend....congrats to dave's brother and his honey! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  6. OMG lovely photo of the ring and TOTALLY bizarre because my husband was in tassie for this event - he was helping with the vehicle servicing for a couple of entrants - such a funny thing.....


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