Wednesday, February 03, 2010

I Dream Of Summer Days Filled With Colour

Here we are mid week
Already into February
This time next week I, and the girls, will have  survived the first day of school and be ready-ing ourselves for Lucy’s first day of kinder… more on that one later :)
It has been warm/hot for the past 4 days
Sunday night Dave pulled out the blow up pool and filled it for the girls
My sister and her 2 girls came over and enjoyed a splash before staying the night


my sister and her girls went home after a wonderful time here
We had to get some groceries etc and came home with a minicino, for the girls, and a caramel latte for me
Late Monday afternoon Megan was picked up and went for a sleepover at a friends

we picked Megan up and went to pay our school fees
Megan’s teacher from last year was there and asked if I was ready
I burst into tears on her
Seems that after being so good at not thinking about it I finally caved
No I am not ready but they are and that’s the most important thing :) :)

After, our, lunch my pal Allison came to visit, in her lunch hour, and brought us all icecreams
So we sat outside and enjoyed :)


then last night we had friends, Joe and Anna and their 3 kidlets, over for a bbq


Joe had made Megan an early birthday cake, her birthday is on Saturday
A fruit cake…


it didn’t last long :)


and today….

Haircuts for the girls


Another thing crossed off my to-do-before-school-starts list
The girls then spent some of the day playing with some plasticine




made a snowy snowman


Elizabeth a snaily snail




some batty bats, using apricot leaves for wings (all our apricots are gone now)


and Megan made the universe… or her interpretation of it, using apricot leave stems and a branch


Love Tara Whitney’s blog and her post regarding a photo of all of us really inspired me
I had taken some photos, while we were in Launceston in January, so I knew I could really do this
So I am hoping to continue this on each month for the whole year
And think it will be a) fun and b) rewarding once I have 12 months worth of photos with all 6 of us in
But I know it will be a challenge to a) remember and b) get cooperation :)
So here are our umm family snaps from January, which will also explain the dilemma in getting family photos :) 
Yay to cameras with timers :)

100_9474com 100_9476com 100_9473com

Hoping that by the end of the year the girls might realise what we are doing and I will be interested to see how the photos change :)

Ingeborg recently awarded me this

If you receive the award, you have to mention 10 things that make you happy
so in no order at all
1 time with family or friends
2 baking, just looking at the cupcakes on the award makes me happy lol
3 having someone make time for me
4 being creative
5 taking photos
6 cuddles
7 being told I love you
8 being able to say I love you
9 sunshine
10 bare feet

and pass it on to 3 people
So I am passing it on to

and Belinda gave me this one a while back, but I couldn’t find it in my files!

kreative blog award

The idea is to tell 7 unknown facts about yourself and then send the award onto 7 more people.
7 facts…
1 I had heaps of things for the girls to do over the holidays, the in-case-they-get-bored-list, and we did NONE
2 I really want to go on holidays
3 I am better at 10 pin bowling in real life than on the Wii
4 Today I found out that my best friend’s Great Aunt was married to Dave’s Grandma’s cousin…
5 I need to make 2 3 things so I can post off some happy mail to some people
6 We had another bbq for dinner tonight, Dave made some hamburgers and they were yum! We also cooked some sweet potato on the bbq and they were yum too
7 I don’t know why I had to underline and bold a word in each fact, but I did!

Ok… 7 people…
Think I will just pass it on to anyone who wants to play along
Please let me know you have played along so I can come read you 7 things :)

and finally
To end this mammoth post
I recieved my Qtea kit, Roller Derby Doll,  yesterday and got my teeth into it straight away

I made an inspiration wire


and a layout


some close ups


Love LOVE the roller skate pendant


and journaling :)


I also have a little tutorial, found here on the Q Tea blog, on how to cover a badge/button with fabric


Phew lol
That’s it :)
Over and Out :) :)

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  1. I just adored this post...the pics are FABULOUS!!!! You have such a beautiful family and what a fun time you always have...I must admit...the BBQ made me much snow here I cannot even find the grill!!!

    The LO' great and I always enjoy each of your post!!!

    Have a great week!!!

  2. *sigh* all your posts make me sooooooooooooooooo the photos....and love the idea of the whole family photo!! I have been doing a photo with the kids and me every month for a YEAR now to carry on Aleida's tradition and truly love it....loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee that lo U made...that little roller skate is AWESOME!!! Thanks for the award my dearest.... I truly appreciate it.....hopefully will get to a blog post of my own tonight!! LOL! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. First of all, sorry to hear you were spammed.

    Secondly, you crack me up. I love that you felt the need to underline a word in each fact.

    Your daughter's replica of the universe is wonderful. Quite creative.

    Sorry to hear you are sad about school starting and last one finally starting Kinder. I know, however, you will soon find many ways to keep yourself distracted as you have SO MUCH to do. (I would underline it but it won't let me.)

    Best wishes and sorry this post is so long and sorry I said sorry 3 times...Oops I did it again. :-)

    PS - I received the Kreative blog award too. Stop on by.

  4. Hello Sharmaine
    Love your photos and the commentary.
    Keep on keeping on.
    Peggy xxxx

  5. I just love this post Sharmaine - LOVE LOVE LOVE all the big photos. How do you get your photos so big on blogger. I need some help. Just been speaking to Allison - hoping to be in Tassie later this year and would LOVE LOVE LOVE to catch up with you both.

  6. Great family photos and your girls are just so sweet and pretty!

  7. you are such a sweet momma Sharmaine! Even though I am a "work outside the home momma" now(as opposed to a work INSIDE the home momma)I still cry at the start of school. Summer time gives me more time with them and they love it. You really know whats important. sending you hugs for the transition back to school.

  8. i love your blog it is so personal and the layouts are great! Your girls are beautiful you must be one happy woman


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