Tuesday, March 02, 2010

They Crack Me Up

You might remember this looong post
It made reference to a post that Tara Whitney made
About her personal project “Six People Twelve Times
She then called others to join her
In this quest to get a family photo for every month of the year
Well Sunday was the last day of February
Sunday meant Church
This Sunday meant we, as a family, were on Car park duty at Church
This job means we get to wave to everyone as they drive in to the car park
We direct them to a car space when the car park becomes full
Oh and we also get to wear some attractive orange safety vests :)
So not to be deterred I took the camera AND the little tripod I own
I set up the camera
Tested where it was aimed with a quick shot and then put the timer on
So first I thought I would share some ummm outtakes that made me laugh
This one, the goofballs at work


and this one, because someone drove in so it felt like we were slacking off if someone didn’t wave!


and then there was this shot
Yay to finding one that worked lol


and works in black and white too ;)


I also thought I would get some feet shots
There were 2
But it seems that there are storks among us


Stork Megan above
And stork Lucy below


Monday Lucy and I picked our very first EVER cob of corn
Dad has grown some for us before
But I haven’t been able to get it to survive


Lucy had the honours of having the first taste


I think I had left it on the plant too long
It was a little dry in your mouth
That didn’t stop Elizabeth from polishing it off when she got home from school though
But then that’s Elizabeth :)
Also around the garden
Lots and Lots of these


which we don’t mind at all :)
Monday night Megan went kayaking again


this time she started in the canoe
and learnt how to get in to another kayak while on the water
and learnt how to capsize etc


and today…
Lucy and I got to spend time with some of my most favourite people in the whole world
My sisters girls
And why not spend some of that time doing one of my most favourite things in the whole world




comparing bubbles


sharing bubble mix


blowing mega bubbles


and popping them!!


All this while I have a head cold
Green Snot, in case you wondered :) :)
Feeling yuck
But glad these things make the day go by with loads of smiles :) :)

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  1. u poor thing!!! I hope U feel better soon!!! these photos are amazing!!! u just brighten my world on a daily basis...can't wait to see the popping bubbles one on a page...that face she is making is PRICELESS! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. Oh I so enjoy your pics...they best pics ever and the most beautiful family!!! You made me smile!!! I LOVED THEM ALL!!!

    Have a great day and feel better!!!

  3. WHAT totally fabulous pics!!!!

    Love your treasured LO too!!!

  4. Your photographs are amazing! I really love the shot of you all waving at the cars - it's such a great moment!

  5. they do indeed.....luckiest mum in the world!

  6. LOL @ your colourful description of your "bodily fluids"!!! Shame girl - hope you feel better soon! Nothing worse than have the flu right in the middle of summer !

    Love your pics! Crazy about your fairylight lo too!:)_


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