Saturday, February 27, 2010

I Dream of Wild Things

I just never imagined they would still be around when I woke!
This morning we got up to find some of Lucy’s hair beside the rubbish bin
Seemed the little darling princess RAT had decided to find the scissors and hack off a 3cm handful of hair
She snipped it at about ear level
Just as well it was only a handful or we would have had a trip to the hairdressers today
And this is from the kid who loves her hair long because she wants to be a princess when she grows up
And we all know princesses have long flowing locks not hacked off to the ear hair…
On the topic of hair
Jessica went to the bath with pink in her hair
She doesn’t know where it came from

Sigh :) :) :)

Today I baked
In fact the poor oven, which is way too slow for my liking, was on for almost 6 hours
I baked 6 loaves of banana bread


and 2 roast chickens, with roasted potato (the normal and sweet varieties)


So why all the baking??
The bread is for Church
For Live Free Tassie
Who lost a lot of their food supplies in the recent fire, you can read about it on their site
So, because our church is home for some of those that live and work at Live Free, we are pooling baked goodies
Which will help out, feeding those that will be coming to rebuild what has been lost
I did cut into one loaf though
It was a thin one and Dave looked peckish after his afternoon of soccer
So I took pity on him and then bagged up the remaining slices and they are now in the freezer for lunch boxes :)
The chickens were for our dinner and I cooked 2 so we would have some for lunches next week
They were delish :) and I like forward thinking :) :)

My post is up over at QTea 
The new “Where the Wild Things Are” kit is now on the site and ready for purchasing
And it is a very cool one :)
I made 2 layouts using bits and bobs from the kit

 100_0487 100_0488

Such Sweet Tierney buttons that matched perfectly :)

100_0489 100_0490 

100_0493 100_0499100_0494

and that’s that
The wild things are now, or soon to be, sleeping
And I like that :)

Had to share…
Peckish isn’t in my computers dictionary but the alternate that it suggests is Puckish…

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  1. WoW!I love the idea of envelope and of magnifiying glass :)

  2. Hi Sharmaine. Great work with the Qtea kit. What a wonderful person you are to give yourself to people in need with your church, it must feel great to be needed and know you can help.I wish I was surrounded by more people like you, I mean that. I have never tasted Banana bread but it sounds yum as I am sure your roast chicken tea was. Naughty Little Lucy ;) my Lucy wants her hair to grow as it is really slow and just to her shoulders so I don't think she would ever cut it off. I know I did when I was little lol

  3. It's mighty nice of you to bake for charity. I'm sure they will love your banana bread. Love the crunched up paper that compliment the background. Are those your sister's children too? Great looking group!

  4. Oh the bread and chickens look so yummy...can I come for a visit....please!!!!

    Love the LO's just stunning...I always love all the details you add to each piece of art!!!

    Good luck at the Hair Salon!!!! Wishing you a great day!!

  5. Great layout. I especially love the stitching on the leaf.

    I remember when James chopped his hair - not only on the back but at the roots in the front. He is now a buzzed cut boy. :-(

    By the way, my computer says peckish is "chiefly British for hungry." Maybe you have an American computer?? LOL

  6. Stunning pic's & post Sharmaine! I'm thinking that your "treasured" page is a fave. Go girl!

  7. silly lucy! can't be a princess with short hair...or can U??? lol!! funny story (well at the time...not so funny!! LOL!) .... U know I have black hair....well so does my when I was 5 I got me a brand new pair of kindergarten scissors....and steve (that's my bro!) got a brand new WHITE sweater for Christmas....(U see where this is going, don't U????) well....I thought steve needed a haircut with MY brand new scissors....and I just KNEW my MOM would never notice...hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm black hair on the brother, scissors in my hand....and a white sweater...hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I wonder....did she notice????? lol lol lol lol....needless to say...I never ever saw those scissors loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the lo's ... .JUST GORGEOUS! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  8. Grandma5:03 PM

    the dog kennel was for Noddy!! Glad you did not have to go to the hairdresser!!!!!!

  9. What is it with little girls wanting do cut their own hair??!!

    Ok - now I'm SERIOUSLY in love with your :treasured" lo!!! It's just perfect! You inspired me to use some stitching on the lo that I'm busy with at the moment.

  10. ohhwoww Sharmaine... what a fantastic LO love it love it love it !!
    sooo...youuu... sooo freee and sooo funky..well done !!
    and..looove your bakery as well... what a nice touch for the church, there's always people more in need than us that's for sure ...
    Have a great week beaudiful :)


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