Friday, March 05, 2010

They Drain Me



Except my nose which needs draining!

Thankfully my fog filled head was able to get through the day
And also found some energy for creating
**Edited to Add, it took me till now to see the spelling error in the TITLE, grr yes Kayaking is with an a... grrr Go away head cold GO AWAY!**


The journaling


Love the new chipboard buttons from Such Sweet Tierney


Dyed my own doily


The altered buttons from Such Sweet Tierney are always fun to work with
I had been hoarding the Jillibean Soup lettering
Today I stopped hoarding
And now have no k’s or y’s left :(
But worth it :)


Thought I might give another sketch challenge a go
A2ZScraplets just posted, on their blog, a new challenge
A sketch from Sketchy Thursdays
So I gave it a burl
I twisted it my way a little :)


Oh my
Do you see it??
Not a pattern paper in sight!


Smiggle alpha stickers
Kikki-K sticky note No. 1
Paint, yellow YUM
A Jenni Bowlin packaging came in handy as a template ;)


Some Washi paper tape
And a journal spot + flower from a Making Memories vintage findings kit


when I picked Lucy up from school I got to see her self portrait, hanging high on a wall


Had to take the girls for their second round of Swine Flu shots this afternoon
Megan only had to have one, she had the “adult dose” because she is over 10
So had 3 kidlets awaiting the jab
Lucy clued in on where we were going and screamed all the way
Got there and she screamed at the Dr
Elizabeth came over to protect her
Trying to free her from my grip, yelling at me to let her sister go
so when it was Elizabeth’s turn she screamed too
Trying to escape
As soon as the shot went in she went quiet
I asked her where all that noise had come from
She said “I don’t know, it just popped out”

That little session just about did me in
I was zapped after that!
So we all went to Maccas for an icecream


And then headed home
Glad that the vaccines were over :)

Will leave you with this photo I snapped this arvo
While filling in time after school/before the doctors appointment


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  1. get well soon Sharmaine! Hope the next jab session will run smoothly. Great LOs!

  2. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i loveeeeeee those lo's!!!!!! love love love love love them!! the colors are just wow wow wow!!!! Sorry the girls gave U a rough time at the dr's... hopefully all is well now...and get rest and feel better!! love u! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. Love the LO's...the colors of the first are beautiful and look at you, using not pp's and it is just beautiful!!! So sorry you are feeling so drained.....shots are not a fun thing!!!

    Love the pics!!!! Wishing you Happy Day!!! :-)

  4. you're such a great Mom! (I never got ice cream after shots!)

    back to the turquoise!!! yay!!! gorgeous! colorful!!! & the ability to spell is so overrated, hahahaha! you knew what you meant, right?!

    I think you should alter a button to make an "A" and glue it on top of kayaking!!! you're clever like that!!!

    : .)

    habe a gud weekend, Sharmaine. I hope your sinuses clear soon!!!

  5. I dont just popped out!


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